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Search Box With Advanced Queries Support
Search Box With Advanced Queries Support

Filter your mentions after your keywords' setup

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After setting up your keywords, you can use the search box from the top right side of your screen to filter and get the exact mentions you need.

If you click on the circles' button, a pop-up window will appear, where you can build complex queries within your mentions.

Supported operators

1. OR - Either word, condition, or "phrase of words" can be presented. It means that a mention can contain one of these. Example: pasta OR spaghetti (mentions can contain any of the two words)

2. AND - The word, condition, or "phrase of words" MUST be contained in a mention. Example: pasta AND "hand made" (mentions that contain both words)

3. NOT - The word, condition, or "phrase of words" should NOT be presented in a mention. Example: pasta AND NOT "hand made" (mentions that contain pasta but not the phrase "hand made")

4. ~ - Near - It is used to indicate the maximum distance between two or more words. Example: "pasta parmesan"~5 (between pasta and parmesan there should be a distance no more than 5 words)

5. site - The site that contains the mention. Example: (only mentions from this site must be shown)

6. profile - The social profile of the user that the mention originates. Example: profile:someuser1 (only mentions from this user must be shown)

7. country - The country that the user has indicated as its residence (note that not all users set this or indicate fake). Must use two-digit country code, e.g. US, GB. Example: country:GB OR country:CA (mentions originated from Great Britain or Canada will be displayed)

8. language - The detected language of a mention. Must use two-digit language code, e.g. ES, EN. Example: language:EN or language:ES (mentions written in English or Spanish must be presented)

9. followers - The minimum number of followers of the profile that created the mention. Example: followers:3000 (mentions from profiles that have 3000 followers/subscribers or more will be shown)

10. alexarank - The minimum Alexa rank of the site that created the mention. Example: alexarank:50000 (mentions from sites that have rank 50000 and more will be presented)

Example of a search query

For example, if you want to get results from the UK and the US containing the keywords potato and recipe but excluding results from the user “john12” and excluding the word roast you could type in the search box:

(potato AND recipe) AND (country:UK OR country:US) AND NOT profile:john12 AND NOT roast 

You can then save your query as a preset to apply it again in the future!

You can also choose to save it and create an e-mail alert! Just name your preset, set the frequency and the next run (when you need to first receive your email alert), include an attachment if desired, and add any additional e-mails to receive the alert (CC and BCC).

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