How to edit a Keyword

A guide on how to fully optimize your keywords

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If you entered a keyword and need to set any limitations or restrictions to get specific results, find the keyword you need to edit, hover over it and choose the pencil button to edit.

A pop-up window will appear, that allows you to either retype your main keyword or add positive or negative words from the “Advanced Options”. If you need just to type again your main keyword you can do it from the “Main Keyword” box.

If you need to combine words for better results open the “Advanced Options”. In the “Additional Required Keywords” you can enter a word to combine it with your main keyword. Please note that this section means “AND” NOT “OR”, so that means that someone has to mention BOTH your main keyword + the required word. That is why we also recommend adding 1 (maximum 2) words in this field.

Another option you have to get better results is to add excluded words. In the “Excluded Keywords” field you can add as many words as necessary to specify your search. The “Excluded Keywords” mean “NOT”, so you may add any word here not to see it again in your results.

If you need to have results ONLY from one single website, you can use the “Site Restriction” that allows you to enter ONE website. So the system will scan only for Web mentions just from the site that you will enter.

In this step you can also:

  • uncheck the Sentiment Analysis box, if you do not wish your results to be analyzed

  • pause your keyword if necessary

  • move this keyword to another “Mention Tracker” from the “Mention Tracker” dropdown menu, under your main keyword box.

In the next step, you can use language or country limitations (or even both if really necessary).

It is not really recommended to use both limitations as this will restrict your search. When using the country limitation you can see under it a checkbox “Include results where country is not known”.

If you check this option, it means that you will get results also from users that have not declared their location on social media. So if you need results from a specific country you may not want to have this option checked. Please also note that when using the country limitation, you may exclude results from users that have for example set a fake location.

You may also uncheck any channel if you are not interested in receiving mentions from it.

If you apply any changes, the system at the bottom will ask you, if you need to keep your existing mentions and apply the changes from now on or if you wish to remove the old ones and bring in new mentions. Make sure you choose the right for you option!

Test your changes if you need to be sure about your results or update to view your results!👊

What happens if you delete a keyword?

If you want to delete a keyword, please press on the bin icon.

Please mind, that If you delete a keyword it will be removed from the platform with the mentions collected. The deleted mentions cannot be restored after deletion.

Watch the tutorial on how to edit your keyword/s!👇👇👇

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