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How to add a Keyword

A step-by-step guide to add a new keyword to your account

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To add a new keyword to your account:

  • Find the Mention Trackers box

  • Select the "+Add Keyword/Tracker" button

Tip: If you need to add a new keyword in an existing Tracker you can also hover over the Tracker you need to add another keyword and select the "+" button!

  • Choose the Mention Tracker category, if you need to monitor something about your Brand, your Competition or your Industry. If you already have a Tracker and you need to add the new keyword there, choose "Add to existing Mention Tracker".

  • Name your Mention Tracker, if you selected any of the top three categories - Brand/Competition/Industry.

If you selected "Add to existing Mention Tracker" select the desired Tracker from the dropdown menu.

  • Enter the desired keyword - must be a single word/small phrase.

  • If you need to specify your search, you may use the advanced settings to add required/excluded words or enter a site to bring results just from it.

  • If necessary choose a specific country or language to get results just from them. It is not recommended to use both. You can also deselect any desired data sources if you do not wish to get from them/it results.

  • In the Social Profiles to monitor, you can add any social profiles you need to monitor or skip that step.

  • Set an email alert to be sent to your email or any other additional. Set the frequency and include an attachment (pdf/excel/infographic/none). You can skip the step if you do not wish to set an alert at the moment.

  • Test your new keyword/Tracker if needed and select create!

  • Your new Tracker/Keyword/Social profile(s) will be presented in the section that it belongs, in the Mention Trackers box. The system will scan for mentions for a few moments!

Watch the following tutorial video on how to add a new keyword!👇👇👇

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