Use Miappi embedded folders to make your owned and earned content go further. Our new embedded folders feature changes everything. Now you can have unique social content on every page using just one Miappi profile. Sweet!

How does it work?

Direct content to your folders in two ways. Content can be routed into Folders either manually or automatically. To learn how to do this manually, and other exciting ways of how to use folders, visit our Miappi Folders page. Use AI Rules on the Moderate page to move content automatically based on the image, words and sentiment contained in the post. You can also learn more about our Moderation Rules by visiting the page.

However you choose to get content into your folders, once the content is there, the next bit is easy. Just head over to the left-hand pane of the Dashboard and click on the Folders tab:

  1. You'll see a search box as well as your selection of Folders you have already created. You can decide to add a new folder (before your content has arrived in the dashboard) and rename already existing folders by clicking on the pen icon that sits beside each individual folder. Here, you are also able to edit and change the design of each Folder by selecting the cog icon, this will allow you to customize your template, pop-ups and scrollbar.

    You'll be able to see a further range of features along this line including an option to 'Delete' a folder using the bin icon, 'Preview' a folder using the eye-shaped icon and even the option to add a 'sub-folder' by clicking the + icon.

    By creating both sub-folders and parent folders, this will give you an opportunity to further organise your content and even group together important categories of UGC that you would like to preview together and separately.

2. Once you're happy with your selection, click on the eye icon for the folder you wish to embed and it will take you to a snippet of the content and your special code will appear.

3. Copy both separate parts of code (the miappi-frame and the </body> tag.

Ok, so that's it. You are ready to go!

Now you can add different content to different pages...great if you want to make your owned and earned social media specific to a page offering a specific product or service. 

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