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How to add Miappi to your Shopify Store
How to add Miappi to your Shopify Store

Learn how to display shoppable UGC galleries across your Shopify online store.

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First, find Miappi on the Shopify app store and click download app, then review the permissions required in order to enable the app to work before clicking Install app. A Miappi Profile will then be set-up using your Shopify credentials.

Once you have registered an account with Miappi, you will be taken to the Miappi Dashboard, the place where you will make your UGC shoppable.

Note: By installing the Miappi App, products in your Shopify store will automatically be imported into your Miappi dashboard, making it easy to match to your inventory

If you haven't done so already, book a time with a product manager at Miappi who will provide you with a product demo and work with you to agree the best license for your particular use case.

In the event that you already have a Miappi profile set up, to begin connecting your profile to your existing Shopify account you will need to:

1. Navigate to the Monetize tab in the left-hand menu.

2. Click on Platforms in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

3. Select the Shopify platform.

4. Insert your official domain name for your Shopify account (As a note, this should look like

Getting your Miappi Profile ready

If you haven't already done it as part of your sign-up, you will need to authenticate one or more social media feeds in order to start collecting images and videos from social media. That process happens on the Curate/Feeds page.

Here’s an article on how to connect your Instagram business account.

Here’s an article on how to connect your Twitter account.

After connecting your feeds, you can start adding your relevant hashtags

Once you have done this, your Curate page within the Miappi dashboard will begin to populate with content that you can choose to display via your Miappi App on your Shopify store.

Adding Miappi to your Shopify product pages

Boost the conversion rate of your product pages by injecting trust at the crucial moment.

Authentic user-generated content that features your product helps build trust in your brand and helps to make your customers to feel more confident about hitting the “add-to-cart” button.

To add a Miappi gallery to a product page you will need to:

1. Click Customize

2. Select Products from the drop-down at the top of the page

3. Select Default product

4. Scroll down to find and select the Miappi social app in the left-hand menu. This is where your shoppable UGC gallery will appear on all of your product pages

5. Add your Miappi Username in the "Miappi Username" field in the left-hand menu of the Miappi Social app

6. Return to the Miappi dashboard. Use the Miappi Monetize feature to match UGC in the Curate page with products in your inventory. To do that hover over a post to reveal a new menu. Click the shopping bag icon to match up to five SKUs to that post

Once an individual post is matched with a product using the Miappi Monetize feature, that piece of content will display a clickable "shop it" call-to-action (CTA) on hover, wherever it is displayed on your Shopify store. The CTA button text can be customized if you'd like to fit the wording to match your brand

7. Click the Show icon on each post that has a product attached, in order to publish the content to your web page gallery

8. Navigate to a specific product in your Shopify store and add “Miappi” as a tag

Any product pages that include the “Miappi” tag will feature a Miappi gallery that will display any UGC that has been matched to that product within the Miappi dashboard

Adding Miappi Folders to product pages

Every time you match a piece of UGC to one or more of your products, that content will be displayed automatically in the corresponding Miappi gallery.

If preferred, you can make use of Miappi’s Folder feature to display manually curated UGC galleries instead.

1. Create your folder in the Miappi dashboard by navigating to "Folders" in the left hand menu and then clicking +Create new Folder.

2. Choose content to feature in your folder

3. Select settings (cog icon) from the window shown above, or where it is displayed on the main Folders page in the Miappi dashboard

4. Save your preferred settings

4. Make a note of the folder number

4. Navigate to a product within your Shopify store

5. Tag your product with “Miappi-folder-” followed by the folder number, to display that folder of UGC

Please note, this will only work if this is the only Miappi tag selected on that product page. For example, including “Miappi” and “Miappi-folder-3306” will cause the gallery not to show.

Adding Miappi to your Shopify homepage

First impressions matter. Display your best UGC on your homepage to engage prospective customers and demonstrate just how loved your brand and products are.

To add a Miappi gallery to the homepage of your Shopify store, you will need to:

1. Click Customize

2. Select the Miappi App from the bottom of the left-hand menu

3. Add your Miappi Username in the "Miappi Username" field in the left-hand menu of the Miappi Social app

4. Add your Miappi folder ID in the "Miappi Folder ID" field in the left-hand menu

5. Click Save to apply the changes. Drag the section to feature where it will be seen and therefore influence the most prospective customers!

Click "Show" to display content on any of your galleries

In order to display any piece of content via your Miappi Social gallery, you must select the "Show" icon on that post within the "Curate page", pictured here below.

If you have any questions regarding Miappi for Shopify, please get in touch using

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