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Adding Facebook Pages
Adding Facebook Pages
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To add a Facebook Page, click on Curate to expand the sub-menu on the left of the dashboard, then navigate to Feeds.

Miappi offers you the possibility to pull in content from one or more of the Facebook pages you own or are connected to. For these pages, you will need to be labelled as an owner or as a top managerial role.

Once you're on the Feeds page, under 1. My Feeds, click on the Facebook icon and then the Connect button below. A pop-up will open requesting Miappi be granted permission to access your Facebook content.

Once you have added your own account you can then nest one or more Facebook Pages under it by clicking Add Facebook Page

Then, copy and paste or simply enter the Username/ URL of the Facebook Page you want to add and the option/s will begin to appear as a list below.


Click on the red dot beside your username in Feeds to hide your authenticated feed, but don't delete it. If you do, the nested Facebook Pages will also disappear.

When you add your own social media account, the parent network requires that you log in to authenticate your personal account. It’s important to consider privacy settings at this point: ONLY content that you make PUBLIC on your social media accounts will show in Miappi.

By default most networks make your content public (Twitter for example), but Facebook’s default is to have private content. You need to make your Facebook posts public if you want them to appear in your Miappi hub.

To learn more about Facebook Pages, visit our article Why Can't I See My Facebook Posts In My Miappi Profile?


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