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Why can’t I see my Facebook posts in my Miappi profile?
Why can’t I see my Facebook posts in my Miappi profile?
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If you’re unable to see your personal Facebook content on Miappi after having added it as a feed, it’s likely you've only shared content privately (i.e. its visible to only you and your friends) on Facebook. To display content on your Miappi, it will need to be made fully public so we're able to collect and display your favourite posts.

The Facebook platform allows you to select the audience for each post you make, by clicking on the Friends drop-down in the bottom right corner of the Status Update field (just to the left of the Post button), you will select Public, Friends, Only me or Custom. By default this is set to Friends. By changing this to Public, all future posts will be visible on your Miappi hub. 

You can also change the status of old posts by doing the same thing. Click on the little grey friends icon to the right of the date and location of the post (top left, under your profile name). Change the posts from the default Friends to Public.

Adding your Facebook Page

Once you’ve added an authenticated Facebook feed you can add one or more Facebook Pages. Under your authenticated feed you will see pink text asking you to ‘Add Facebook Page’. Click on the text and type the name of the Facebook Page into the text field. Click save once you've found the one you're looking for and you’re done! 

TOP TIP: If you delete your authenticated Facebook account it will also delete the associated Facebook Page.

To learn more about connecting your Facebook Pages to Miappi, visit our article Adding Facebook Pages.

If you have any further questions about your Facebook connections, please feel free to reach out to your assigned Account Manager.

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