To collaborate with other musicians you must be signed into your Acapella account. There are two ways to collaborate on the platform. One way is to share a collaboration link with someone, and the other is through an individual user's profile post by using the "Collab" button. This article covers how to collaborate by sharing direct links using the "Share" menu. To learn how to collaborate from an individual post please see this article here:

Collaboration by links should be treated as a sequential process. For example if you want to collaborate with 8 other people on a nine grid layout, you will need to record your part first, send it to the next collaborator (let's call them musician #2).  Once musician #2 records their part, they will send it to the next collaborator and so on until all 9 grids are filled.

To start, after you've recorded your part select the "Share" button on the Create screen. 

In the share menu choose the "Collaboration" option (circled in red below) and then select how you want to share your collaboration link (for example by email):

Send the link only to the musician you want to fill in the next grid. Do not send it to everyone you intend to collaborate with. This sequential order is necessary because this is a layering process and in order to keep the video/audio perfectly synced, recordings must be done one at a time. 

The next musician will need to open the link on their mobile device (make sure they have the app already installed and are signed into their account before opening it).  Once open, they will see a webpage similar to the image below. Click the "Collab" button (circled in red) and the video will automatically import into Acapella for them to record their part 

Once the next person is done recording, they will follow the same steps outlined above (beginning with the first screen shot) to generate the next collaboration link to send to the next musician.  Repeat these steps until all the grids are filled. 

When the last musician is done, they can upload the video to their Acapella account in the share menu as a "Public" post by using the option circled in red. Alternatively the last person can make another collaboration link back to the first person to review, edit audio and post

After the video is posted, everyone who participated in the collaboration will receive a notification they can view in the "Activity" menu tab. The collaboration post will also be added to each user profile that collaborated on this project which can be viewed in their "Collab" tab. 

If the group wants to keep the collaboration hidden, the last musician can upload the video using the "Private" option (circled in red below) in share menu and choose the option to save the video to their camera roll. 

This will upload a hidden post to the platform which they can navigate later via their profile tab and share the private link through text or email using the "Share" option (star button circled in red below) or they can share the actual video saved in their camera roll with the other collaborators. 

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