To collaborate with other musicians you must be signed into your Acapella account. There are two ways to collaborate on the platform. One way is to share a collaboration link with someone, and the other is through an individual user public post by using the "Collab" button. 

This article covers how to collaborate from public user posts. To learn how to collaborate by sharing a direct link please see this article here:

Whenever you upload a post as "Public" in the share menu musicians have the option to request to collaborate on the project using the "Collab" button circled in red below:

This button appears only when the user has their profile collaboration settings marked as "Always" or "Approval Required". If you are new to Acapella, the default setting is "Approval Required".  You can easily change this by going to your profile tab and pressing the "Settings" button circled in red:

Select "Collaboration Settings" 

Choose from one of the following: 

  • Not Now: This will hide the collaboration button and prevent users from requesting collaborations on your posts

  • Always: Anyone can download and add/replace tracks in your public posts. The "Collab" button on your posts will show with a smiley image icon so users will know they can start collaborating without waiting for you to approve it

  • Approval Required: The "Collab" button on your posts will show with a speech bubble icon to indicate to users they must request to collaborate with it.  When the "Collab" button is pressed you will receive a notification in your "Collab" activity tab for you to approve it

For those who are curious, you can also see collaborations you have started on or posts you have requested collaboration for using the "Collab" button in this menu.

If you select "Always", your posts will be open to anyone who wants to collaborate.  Any musician can hit the collab button (with the smiley faces) and the project will  automatically import for the user to start recording. 

If you select "Approval Required" potential collaborators will send you a request to collaborate (collab button with speech bubble), you will receive a push notification (if you allowed push notifications to be received for Acapella) and the "Activity" tab will also have the notification waiting for you to be approved below:

Once you approve it, that musician will receive a notification in their "Activity" tab.  They simply need to press the "Collab" button (circled in red below) to import the video and start recording:

Once the project is complete and the final video is posted as "Public" in the share menu by the collaborating user, everyone in the collaboration project will be sent a notification in the "Activity" menu "Collab" tab. The post will also be added to each user profile that is in the collaboration which can be viewed in their "Collab" tab on their profile. The post will also list the users in the collaboration in the top header for everyone to see

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