Click on Start a Project

Select the drop down option “Data Layer.”

You can now see a brand new clean map. Next, click on the Add Layer button. And from here you have several options to add data:

  1. Forecast, Mortgage, and Demographic Data - picking a market and being able to see what we forecast for that market

  2. Locations - adding branches to the map

  3. My Apps and Loans - adding your company’s originated loans on top of the map

  4. Lender Originations and Market Share from HMDA - this is a table that contains all the HMDA data

  5. Real Estate Listings and Agent information - adding MLS or real estate listings from the map

  6. Boundaries - add zip codes to the map.

In the Pop-up window. Create your Data Layer - Forecast, Mortgage, and Demographic Data

  • Layer name

  • Attribute to view in the map

  • Attribute year

  • Location Type

  • Select location

Then click “Save.”

To see your market. Press the shift key and click and drag the left mouse button to zoom in.

Click save. Put a project name, select folder then save.

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