Here’s an overview of the latest updates Mortgage MarketSmart.

Top LO/Lender Breakouts

View top loan officer and lender data by breakout category, including:

  • Transaction type

  • Loan type

  • Property type

  • LMI/Non-LMI


Go to your dashboard, click “Top LO and Lender Reports,” and you’ll see the new dropdown.

Originator Market Share and Points

View your market share data on the map either by heatmap or as individual points. See how you performed in previous years, or look at year-to-date performance and gaps. See the data by lender or by individual loan officer.

Go to your dashboard, click “Start a Project,” choose “Loan Originator and Lender Company Originations,” and complete the fields.

System-level Locations

We uploaded and geocoded hundreds of thousands of community locations across the U.S. See places of worship, universities, hospitals, libraries, and more on your maps. Find locations near your branches and in your community to build relationships.

Start a project, then add a layer and choose “Locations.” Pick your geography and which type of location data you’d like to see.

More categories are being added as well.

Personal Folders

After many requests, we added the ability to save maps and reports in personal folders. You can now choose to save each project or report in your company’s folder, which is accessible by others in your organization, or in your personal folder, which is only accessible to you.

Top Lender HMDA Report

2021 HMDA data is now in Mortgage MarketSmart. You can learn more about those reports here.

We continue to add new features based on user feedback and market insights. If you have a feature request or question, just use the chat bubble in the bottom right of your Mortgage MarketSmart screen.

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