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Origination and Loan Data Variables
Origination and Loan Data Variables

This article explains the naming conventions used in Mortgage MarketSmart to find and access our variables.

Written by Laird Nossuli
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Mortgage MarketSmart includes a wide range of data variables for many different segments and covering many different years. Whether you are changing the theme of a map layer, adding attributes to your data grid or project, or creating a report using the wizard, you can always access many different data points.

Loan Segments

Mortgage MarketSmart includes HMDA and forecast data for a number of important loan and borrower segments. The following segments are included for purchase (P), refi (R) and combined (C) loan purposes:

  • All Occupancy (AO)

  • Conventional (CONV) Loan Types: Conforming (CONF), Jumbo (JMB)

  • Government Loan Types: FHA, VA, FSA/USDA

  • Borrower Income Levels: Low (LOWIN), Moderate (MODIN), Low-to-Moderate (LMI), Middle (MIDIN), Upper (UPPIN)

  • Borrower Race/Ethnicity: Asian (ASI), Black/African-American (BAA), American Indian-Native Alaskan (NAA), Pacific Islander, (PAC), Hispanic White (HIS), and Non-Hispanic White (NHW)

  • Occupancy: Owner-Occupied (OO); Non-Owner-Occupied (NOO)

Data Variables

In addition to multiple segments, you can view different metrics for each segment. These metrics are listed below. The abbreviation in parenthesis identifies how they are each indicated in Mortgage MarketSmart field names:

  • Loan Units (L)

  • Dollar Volume (V)

  • Average Loan Size (ALS)

  • Mortgage Generation Rate (MGR)

  • Market Velocity Index (MVI)

  • Mortgage Opportunity Index (MOI)

  • Mortgage Density by Area (MDA)

  • Mortgage Density by Loans (MDL)

  • Mortgage Density by Dollars (MDD)

  • Penetration Rates/Percentages (P as prefix)

  • Growth Rates (G1, G2 as suffix)

Naming Conventions

The document below can be downloaded to better understand the full list of demographic and loan/origination data that is accessible. However, Mortgage MarketSmart follows a simple, standardized naming convention - using the abbreviations listed above for purpose, segment & variable) to make it easier for our users to find the data they are looking for:

Prefix (optional) + loan segment + loan purpose + metric + suffix (optional).

For example:

  • All Purchase Loans: AO (segment)+ Purchase (P) + Loan Units (L) = AOPL

  • Black Borrower Purchase Average Loan Size: BAA (segment) + Purchase (P) + Average Loan Size (ALS) = BAAPALS

  • Hispanic Penetration Rate of Refinance Dollars: P (prefix indicating percentage of or penetration rate of) + HIS (segment) + Refinance (R) + Dollars (V) = PHISRL

For more examples of the naming convention, you can download the following:

Data Years and Other Caveats:

Most variables are included in Mortgage MarketSmart for the years 2018-2024. Years 2018-2021 are HMDA actuals, although 2022 estimates will soon be replaced with HMDA actuals in late April/early May of 2023. Please note the followintg:

- Loans, Volume, and ALS are available for all years and all segments

- Loan and Volume penetration rates not available for Total segments, since they would always be 100%

- MGR is available for Purchase loan types for all years

- MDL, MDD, MDA are available for Purchase loan types for all forecast years

- MOI and MVI compare near-term forecasts ("base" years) to further-out forecasts; they are available for Purchase loan types for the first two forecast years (as "base" years)

- Growth rates are available for Loans, Volume, and ALS for select forecast years; 1-year growth rate is available for the first forecast year (comparing to the most recent actual value) and the second forecast year (comparing to the first forecast year); 3-year growth rate is available for the third forecast year (comparing to the most recent actual value).

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