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GSF Integration

A guide on how to operate the GSF part integration.

Written by Mohamed Absie
Updated over a week ago

We now have an integration with GSF, allowing VGM users to browse their stock and place orders through VGM.

When an order is placed, VGM will automatically create the parts that have been ordered, generate a purchase order, and add the parts as line items to the open document, currently this is only available on jobsheets and invoices.

How to place and order

Once the integration has been configured by Motasoft, you will see a ‘Browse GSF parts’ button when adding parts to a Jobsheet or Invoice. Clicking this button will open the GSF parts website, automatically logging you in with the vehicle from the corresponding Jobsheet or Invoice pre-selected.

Note: If the GSF window doesn't open, your browser may have blocked it. You will have to check your browser settings and allow pop ups on VGM. Contact us if you need help with this.

Build up your order in the GSF web interface and when you’re ready, go to the basket and click the ‘send quote to Motasoft’ button. Here, you can enter a purchase order reference and comments that’ll go to the supplier:

When the button is clicked, the window will close and send the basket to VGM where you’ll see a summary of your basket:

From here you can tick the Temp option if you'd like to add the part as a temp part. You can also double click on any part to input your desired mark up, in addition this will give you the option to adjust the quantity to be ordered too.

Lastly, click ‘Place Order’ and the order will be sent to GSF.

You can view and filter GSF orders in the Purchase Orders grid, where there is a column indicating if it's GSF order.

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