Preserve and share your family tree with a custom Family History Poster. Just connect your Ancestry account and choose from three beautiful designs. Your custom poster will be printed on archival-quality photo paper and pairs perfectly with a standard size frame or with a set of our Wood Poster Rails. Display your family's story in your home and enjoy for years to come.

MyCanvas is a self-publishing program that enables members to incorporate some of their information from their online trees to Family History Books and Family History Posters. Please note that we don't offer layouts that display everyone and everything from your Ancestry Trees.

Product Information:

  • Build your poster with ease - just import data from your family tree

  • Choose from three types of trees: Standard Pedigree, Combination Pedigree, or Descendant (coming soon!)

  • Printed on lightweight, archival-quality photo paper

  • Pairs perfectly with our Wood Poster Rails or Good Hangups

We have two types of Family History Posters currently.

Standard Family History Poster:

  • Starts with an individual

  • Includes their direct line of ancestors

  • Maximum number of generations for this poster is 9 (i.e., the starting individual with their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)

24x18" - Standard - 5 Generations ($30.00)

24x18" - Standard - 6 Generations ($30.00)

24x36" - Standard - 7 Generations ($45.00)

36x48" - Standard - 8 Generations ($55.00)

36x48" - Standard - 9 Generations ($55.00)

Combination Family History Poster:

  • Starts with a couple

  • Includes their children and the direct line of ancestors for each person in the starting couple

  • Maximum number of generations for this poster is 7 (i.e., the children of the starting couple, the starting couple, and their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)

20x16" - Combination - 4 Generations ($25.00)

24x18" - Combination - 5 Generations ($30.00)

36x24" - Combination - 6 Generations ($45.00)

36x24" - Combination - 7 Generations ($45.00)

We will soon be introducing the Descendant Poster:

  • Starts with an individual

  • Includes their partner and their direct line of descendants

  • Maximum number of generations for this poster will be 4 (i.e., starting individual with their spouse, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren)

We currently do not have an estimate as to when this will be available. If you'd like to be notified, click the follow button under "Descendant Posters" from our Product Roadmap.

The size and orientation of your Family History poster is determined by the number of generations selected.

Standard Poster:

24x18 - Landscape Format - 5 & 6 Generations

24x36 - Portrait Format - 7 Generations

36x48 - Portrait Format - 8 & 9 Generations

Combination Poster:

All Landscape Format

Visit our Roadmap page, to see what we are working on for the new MyCanvas.

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