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Can I edit my project after I order it?
Can I edit my project after I order it?

Change my order, mistake in order

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We're so happy you've chosen to print with us! MyCanvas is a self-publishing program that enables members to incorporate some of their information from their online trees to Family History Books, Posters, and Calendars.

Before placing an order, please keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure that you have carefully reviewed each page of your project for errors and that it is ready for printing as-is.

  • We are unable to review each book or poster project prior to printing as it is up to the customer to edit and preview the project before ordering.

  • We are unable to capture any updates that you make to a project after placing the order. Once your custom order has been placed it cannot be canceled and will be printed as-is.

  • As a small business, please understand that we cannot process refunds or returns on custom products.

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