MyCanvas is a self-publishing website that enables members to incorporate some of their information from their online trees to Family History Books, Posters, and Calendars.

When creating a project, remember that our layouts won't display all of the data provided in the Ancestry Tree. Please see Ancestry Family History Book - Product and Pricing Information if you want more information on the product specs and pricing for our Family History Books.

Need help creating your book? Check out this article: How to Create Your Ancestry Family History Book.

The Family History Books will display the Tree Chart page, Individual Timeline pages, and Family Group Sheet pages.

Unwanted pages need to be deleted manually. When viewing your book on the preview (double-page spread) page, you will see tabs at the bottom of the page. Select the "DELETE" tab to remove the page. Once a page has been deleted, we cannot recover it.

Are you looking to add more generations, people, and pages to your book? First, open the project that you'd like to edit. Then, from the preview (double-page spread), select the "+ Add to Book" button.

The + Add to Book feature allows you to add several new pages while editing your Family History Book. These features include:

  • Extending the book to include more generations.

  • Adding a missing person from your tree beyond the number of generations you included.

  • Adding Ancestry records for everyone already in your book.

  • Adding a Family Group Sheet with the names of two parents and their children.

  • Adding a Timeline page for a single person from your tree.

  • Adding all available Ancestry photos for a person in your book.

  • Adding and removing the Table of Contents.

  • Adding blank (canvas) pages to customize with stories, recipes, fun family facts, photo collages, and more!

When using the + Add to Book feature, you may select the "Add a Family Tree" box, allowing you to extend the book to include more generations. When adding new generation pages, the data transferred from Ancestry to the MyCanvas project must come from the same Ancestry Tree selected when creating the book.

Please note - you can add more generations until you have put in the number of generations you want or until it has reached its max number of pages, whichever comes first. Each book includes a minimum of 20 pages, but you can add up to 350 pages.

Are you looking to add a missing person from your tree beyond the number of generations you included? Select the "Add a Person" box to include their Timelines and Family Group Sheets.

Ancestry records and photos are not automatically added. They are available in the editor and can be added to your project manually. Select "Add Record Pages" or "Add Photo Pages" to add all available records and photos for a person in your book.

Would you like to add more Family Group Sheet pages to your book? You can add them by selecting the "Add Family Group Sheet" box.

Select the "Add Timeline Page" box if you want to add a Timeline page for a single person from your tree. The events that appear on the Individual Timeline pages are selected randomly from a database of historical events. Our book editor picks 4-6 historical events from the individual's facts column in the Ancestry Tree. Additional events need to be added to the page manually.

Want to learn all about text editing? Here is an article with instructions on Editing the Text in Your Family History Project.

If you want to add more lines to the page, please see: How to customize your project with the line element.

If you delete the Table of Contents page(s) and want to undo that action, select the "Add Table of Contents" box to add them back to your book. Please keep in mind deleting the pages will remove any manual edits you made and cannot be restored. Manual edits will need to be added to the restored Table of Contents.

Select the "Add Blank Page" box to add a blank (canvas) page to customize with life stories, recipes, fun family facts, photo collages, and more! Please note the project will not transfer the "LifeStory" history in the Ancestry Tree. The individual stories need to be added to a page manually.

You can also add a blank page by selecting the "ADD" tab on the preview page.

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