When adding pages to your Family History Book, remember you can only insert them after the Table of Contents pages and the Tree Chart page. The good news is that once you've added new pages, you may rearrange them to place them before the Tree Chart page.

Getting Started!

Select the "Move" tab when reviewing the pages in the preview (double-page spread) to rearrange the pages.

Once you've clicked the "Move" tab, click on the number box and select the page number to which you want to move the page.

Then, click the "Move Page" button.

Keep in mind that the editor won't allow pages to be moved or added before the Table of Contents pages when rearranging the pages.

Reviewing the pages in the preview (double-page spread) will also show the edit, add, and delete tabs.

  • To add text and photos to existing pages, click on the page or the 'EDIT' tab.

  • Click the 'ADD' tab to add a blank page.

  • Click the 'MOVE' tab to move/rearrange individual pages.

  • Click the 'DELETE' tab to delete the page. Please note that we are unable to recover deleted pages.

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