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Meet your myHSA Client Tab!
Meet your myHSA Client Tab!

How to add your clients, manage your clients, and view their employees

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Looking to add a new client? Clients tab. Looking to edit an existing client? Clients tab. Looking to add or see your clients employee list? guessed it, Clients tab! As a busy advisor navigating multiple provider sites we want to make your life as easy as possible by putting everything you need to know in one handy location.

Now that we've established where to find all your info, let's take a deep dive into navigating your client tab!

*Helpful Hint: Click the arrow icons to drop down more information about each section

1) Client Overview

Think of this tab as your Birds Eye view on your entire myHSA block of business. In this tab you can see all of your added clients, how many active employees they have, a summary of their plans, quick click to view their employee listing and see top level engagement.

Other Options:

  • If you want to add a new client you can do so by clicking "Add a Client"

  • If you want to edit an existing client you can do so by clicking on the client name

  • If you want to see all employees under all of your clients you can do so by clicking "View and Search all Employees"

2) Adding a Client

All clients are setup digitally through your advisor login - no paper forms required. Clients can be setup in 5 simple steps and the process is started by clicking "Add a Client":

Step 1: Company Profile

Fill out the required information (marked with an asterisk) including the client details, corporate bank information and fees. You'll notice you can enter in additional customizations but that it is entirely optional and available to be skipped.

Step 2: Build the Plans/Classes

A client can have as many plans/classes as they require. Plans are built one at a time by clicking "Add a plan". For more information on plan types, go to resources or run a proposal

Step 3: Add-Ons

myHSA is partnered with a number of providers to provide additional coverage for employees. To learn more about our add-on partners, visit the Marketing tab to see marketing materials, policies and more!

All of our Add-ons are optional and this step can be opted into or out of at any time. To opt-out click the check mark and move on to your next step.

Step 4: Plan Admins

A group can have as many or as few plan admins as they require. The plan admin will have access to add/remove employees as well as run reports that show overall company spend/utilization. As an advisor you can perform all the same tasks a plan admin can through your own login.

Important Note! A plan admin must agree to the myHSA terms and conditions before the program can launch to employees. It is recommended to send their welcome email a few days before you plan to launch the employees welcome emails to ensure they have time to login and agree to the terms. The terms will automatically pop up when they login to their plan admin profile and they are agreed to via a digital signature. To see a copy of the terms and conditions, visit your Resources tab.

Step 5: Employees

When it comes to enrolling employees you have a few options:

  • Groups with 1-10 Employees: You can either enrol them manually through the advisor portal or you can let your client add them through their plan admin profile. The process is identical for either of you!

  • Groups with 10+ Employees: myHSA can assist with an upload of employee data on your behalf. You can find the import spreadsheet template under Resources.

3) Sending Emails

Once a group is fully added, you can send emails to the plan admin and to employees. These emails can also be resent at any time through your advisor login.

Schedule or Resend Plan Admin emails:

  • Edit your client

  • Click on the "Plan Admin" Tab

  • Click "Send Welcome Email"

Schedule or Resend Employee emails:

  • Edit the Client

  • Click one the "Employees" tab

  • Click "Send Welcome Email" under "Welcome Email Settings"

    • A popup will allow you to select if you want them sent right away or scheduled for a future date

    *Helpful Hint: Remember that the plan admin must agree to the terms and conditions before employee emails can be launched

4) Understanding Icons

Icons allow you to see vital information at a quick glance. The catch is, they are only helpful if you understand what they all mean. Let's walk through the icons you need to know!


What it means

Click this icon to navigate to a filtered list of employees tied to this specific client.

Click this icon to access a downloadable PDF of all the plan details associated with this specific client.

Engagement Notice. Hover over this icon to see where engagement is lacking for a client (ie- no active plan admin or no active employees).

You will find the i icon all over our site. Hover over the icon to learn more information about what this term means or options available.

5) Track Your Progress

As much as you would love to completely add a client in one fell swoop, sometimes your phone rings or you don't have all the info on hand in the moment. When that happens you can see what is missing on the client tab at all times:

  • Green Check Marks = Complete. If you see a filled in green check mark it means that this step is fully completed

  • White Check Marks = Partially Complete. You've started this step but it isn't fully complete. For example - Perhaps you've added a Plan Admin but they haven't agreed to the terms and conditions.

  • White Circle = Not Started.

myHSA understands that your time is valuable, and we want to make the user experience of adding a client as easy and efficient as possible! Using the clients tab, you are able to follow a simple step-by-step process to adding and editing your clients. Have any questions? Reach out to or start a live chat!

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