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Everything you need to know about myHSA

Adding WSA Items (Plan Admin)
Understanding the Difference Between Utilization and Bank Rec Reports
Transactions on myHSAA quick look into how transactions work on myHSA, and why we need bank information inputted on our system.
How do I cancel my myHSA account?
My Employee is going on Leave, how does this affect their account with myHSA
Introduction to myHSAEverything you need to know if you are new to myHSA
How to Submit Feedback?Tell us what you think!
How to Allocate on a plan with Several Distributions in the YearNo matter your distribution schedule - knowing how to Allocate your initial distribution will help you plan out your year.
What's a "Service Receipt?"
Stay in the Know: Claim Updates Straight to Your Phone!How to set up notifications for myHSA updates
What is a "Letter of Medical Necessity"?What is a "Letter of Medical Necessity" and why are you asking me for it?
What Happens to the myHSA Account After my Tenure with my Company has ended?
I Forgot my Password!
How to Make a ClaimA step by step guide to making a claim with myHSA.
How to Submit Multiple Receipts in one ClaimDo you have a pile of receipts you need to submit, we can help you save time!
How to Respond to an AdjudicatorIf your claim is pending more information, here is how you can respond to the adjudicator!
How do I know what is Eligible on my Plan?Understanding Eligibility is the first step to making the most of your benefits!
My Claim says "PAID" but I don't see it in my accountWhat does it mean if your claim says "PAID" but it doesn't show deposited in my account?
How To Submit Previous Year Claims
List of Covered ItemsHere is a list of HSA Covered Items
Is Pre-natal Genetic Testing Eligible under an HSA?Prenatal Genetic Testing, NIPT, and ultra-sounds - are these eligible expenses?
What's the Difference between HSA and WSA?Health Spending vs. Wellness Spending - what's the difference?
What's my Claim Status?Understanding the status of your claim, and when you can expect reimbursement
myHSA Plan Administrator Reports GuideA guide to all reports for Plan Administrators!
Do I have to report myHSA under the new Canada Dental Benefit?Tips on how to report an HSA under the new Canada Dental Benefit
Are Vaccines Eligible under an HSA?
Is Dermatology an Eligible myHSA expense?Dermatologists are a recognized medical practitioner - but does that mean everything they do is eligible for reimbursement under an HSA?
Are Fertility Treatments Eligible under an HSA?Understanding Fertility Treatments, and their Eligibility under an HSA
A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your myHSA Account for the First Time
I didn't get my Verification Code?
Are Seasonal Employees eligible to have an HSA?
Adding Dependents to your Profile
What's your phone number?
Coordinating an HSA with Insurance
Why are you asking for my Bank Info?
Understanding BalancesIt’s almost renewal time, and we always get questions about Current, Carryover and Reserve!
We don't have a Policy Number with myHSA?Policy Numbers, Group numbers etc. We don't have them! Here is why.
How long until I receive my reimbursement?
How to Ensure Reimbursement (the first time!)To approve a claim, we need an official service receipt! Here is more information about what that looks like.
myHSA Advisor Reports GuideEverything about myHSA Reports
Element of Risk - What does it mean?
Distribution Schedules
Funds Carryover VS. Expense CarryoverA guide for Advisors
Can Spouses (who are both Employees at the same company) have their own myHSA accounts?
The Trillium Program and MyHSA
Can a Sole Proprietor have an HSA?
Meet your myHSA Client Tab!How to add your clients, manage your clients, and view their employees
How to add a Plan AdministratorA step-by-step guide to adding a Plan Admin
Change from a myHSA to a myFlexplan, it's easy!A step-by-step guide to moving your client to the best plan we offer!
What is Normalized Income?
myFlexplan Allocation Guide
What is the 10% Buffer?
Should I set up a WSA for a Company Owner/Shareholder?
How to Change a Plan Limit (for Advisors)
Sample Bank Rec Report
Who is "Sage?"Sage is our automated customer service rep. Her name stands for "Spending Account Guidance and Expertise"!
What is a "Bank Error" notification, and How do I fix it?How to correct your bank information so that we can get your deposit to you asap!
How do I access my Travel Insurance?Navigating Your Travel Insurance: A User Guide
METC vs myHSAShould you claim your medical expense using the Medical Expense Tax Credit, or under your Health Spending Account?
Why NOT to Run an HSA In-House
Can I backdate a myHSA plan?
Understanding Taxes on HSA and WSA Claims in Ontario
What to do if there is a Discrepancy in your Reporting
When can I Increase a Plan Amount?Understanding the "Element of Risk" in Health Spending Accounts: Guidelines for Mid-Year Changes
How Advisors Can Split Fees with Referral Partners on myHSA
How to Add an Employee - A Guide for Plan AdministratorsA Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Employees
Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) as Survivor Benefits: A Guide for Employers
How to Terminate an Employee Account in myHSA
How to Close a Company Account in myHSA: A guide for Advisors
Understanding Your Balance: Is It Individual or Shared?
What do I do if my Account has been Locked?
How to Manage Add-ons for your ClientmyHSA has several Add-on products available to customers. Here is a quick guide to them!
I'm a new Advisor to myHSA - How do I Set up my First Client?A Step-by-Step Guide to Success for Advisors
How to Pull Your Claims History on myHSAPulling a PDF or Report of your Claims History
Why is my Claim Pending?
What is an "Explanation of Benefits"If you are being asked for an "Explanation of Benefits" or "EOB", what does that mean?
Why myHSA Doesn’t Offer Direct Billing or a Wallet Card
Why Don’t I Have the Option to Allocate Anymore?
How to Get in Touch with a Live Agent at myHSA
What to Do If You Get a 403 Forbidden Error
How to Lock (Pause Access to) Employee Accounts on myHSA
I have more than one myHSA login, how do I switch to my other one?
Can I claim a Receipt that is more than my Available Balance?
What to do if you get an error "No Balance Available" when you are submitting a Claim
Understanding Claims for Services by Practicum Practitioners with myHSA
Can I use Next Years Balance for an Expense from This Year?
The Employee Experience with myHSA
Does myHSA offer Short-Term Disability?
Troubleshooting Login Issues on myHSA: "This Email is not Available"
Does myHSA distribute T4s for Advisors?
When will my Plan Renew?
How to Resend an Employee's Welcome Email
How do I Receive Reimbursement?
I don't know what the best category to select is!
Common Reasons Claims get Denied by myHSA
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for myHSA Plan Administrators
How to Claim for DependentsHow to claim for dependents or your spouse
How to Maximize your Benefits with myHSA
What Happens to a Company Balance if They Leave myHSA?
Can I Reallocate my myFlexplan Funds?
Can I Add Funds/Money to My HSA Account?
Build Better Benefits: Your Guide to Setting Up myHSA for Your Team
What to do if your name on myHSA doesn't match the name on your invoice
How to Update Your Email Address on Your myHSA Profile
Adding Plan Administrators to Your Company Account
The Importance of Signing Plan Administrator Terms and Conditions for myHSA
How do I get my claim Reversed?
Staying On-Top of your health - Use your myHSA Account for Preventative Health Screenings
How to Make Your Benefits Inclusive for Gender Affirmation
Supporting LGBTQ+ Initiatives: How myFlexplan Can Enhance LGBTQ+ Support Programs
Supporting Indigenous Employees and their Families with myFlexplan
Claiming WSA Items Purchased Second-Hand
Why is my Starting Balance less than the Plan Amount?
What is an HSA?
Best Practices for Keeping Your myHSA Account Secure
Understanding the "Hospital Bills" Category Under an HSA
Maximizing Your Health Spending Account (HSA)
What to Do if You Receive a Corporate Bank Error Notification Email
How Do I Use My Reserve Balance?
How to Claim a Partial Amount on myHSA
How do I Edit my Bank Info?
Tips for Plan Administrators: Engaging Employees and Boosting Utilization
How to Cancel a Claim on myHSA
Understanding How Reimbursement Works for Claims
Why Prepayments Are Not Eligible for Reimbursement
Can I Submit a Claim by Mail?
What’s the Difference Between an HSA and Regular Insurance? 🤨What’s the difference between a health spending account and Insurance?