This article guides you to connect your FedEx account to MyLogiwa by using your Account Number, Client ID & Client API Secret credentials.

Prerequisite: A valid FedEx client account is required to establish an integration with MyLogiwa.

What are the Available Services?

MyLogiwa supports;

  • Get rates for your orders from FedEx

  • Generate carrier labels from FedEx

  • Use domestic services

  • Insurance options for your orders

  • Confirmation options

  • Address verification for the order.

  • Scheduled Ship Date

What is NOT Available?

  • MyLogiwa doesn't support Cross Border & international services.

  • MyLogiwa doesn't support FedEx Freight options.

  • MyLogiwa doesn't support the FedEx One-Rate option for Amazon Prime orders.

  • End of the day report

  • FedEx ETD-Electronic Trade Documentation

  • FedEx One-Rate option

  • Alcohol Shipping

  • Third-party and Recipient billing options.

  • Bill duties and taxes to the payor of shipping charges.

  • Saturday delivery.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Invoices into your accounts.

  • Collect on Delivery (C.O.D)

Connecting your FedEx Account to MyLogiwa

Press the "Integrations" button located at the top navigation panel and then proceed with the "Shipping" option which is available in the dropdown menu.

Then click to the "Connect Now" button which is located down below the FedEx logo.

Afterwards, please fill your "Account Number, Client ID & Client Secret" credentials which are related with your FedEx Account.

Once all credentials are filled, "Continue" button will be clickable to proceed further.

On the following screen, you need to select the warehouse & the client which will be the subject of this FedEx integration.

In case your account has single pre-defined warehouse & client, then they will automatically appear on this screen.

However, if you have multiple warehouses & clients defined, then you need to select the ones to implement the FedEx integration.

Press "Complete Setup" button to finalize the integration setup.

However, please kindly note that, in case your FedEx Account credentials are not correct then the following error will appear on the pop-up:

Then you can click on "Back" button to re-check and correct your credentials to complete the setup.

Once the FedEx integration setup is successfully completed, you will be navigated back to the FedEx integration screen where your selected warehouse & client listed as "Connected"

What's Next?

Great! You can create a label and get a rate now!
Do you want to take a glance at available carrier features ?

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