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What is the Analytics Section?
What is the Analytics Section?
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Trev’s dashboard and reports make it easy to stay across compliance, monitor trends, and make those all-important farm decisions. The Analytics section, one of Trev’s real beauties, takes those reports and delivers them in easy-to-understand insights into the farm operation on different levels.

The Analytics section can be accessed by clicking on the menu button (the three lines) in the top left corner of the dashboard, and then selecting Analytics.

The different reports are divided into the following categories.

Single Farm Report:

Multiple Farm Dashboard:

Detailed Reports:

If you’re a Multi Farm User you can either generate reports on a single farm operation or you can benchmark multiple farms against one another at a company wide level.

Don’t forget! Each user has different permissions. Take a look at the table below on what each user can do in the Analytics section.

*Transactional data references the reports in the Detailed Reports section

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