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What’s the difference between Manual sync and Auto Sync?
What’s the difference between Manual sync and Auto Sync?
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You can choose one of two ways for your Trev data to synchronise with Figured.

  1. Manual Sync - this is the default setting for a farm connection and provides the option to review data and selectively synchronise data with Figured. This might be a good option if you have an organisation where you have a central or administrative role that you would like to eyeball the data before it is pushed through to Figured.

  2. Auto Sync - select this option if your preference is for a seamless transfer of data from Trev to Figured. By turning on Auto Sync any livestock events created or edited for a farm will automatically be sent through to Figured. Please be aware that any events created by Trev users with Reporter or Editor access for a farm in Trev will be transmitted to Figured so do ensure that the right people have access to your farm in Trev.

Please note, the first time you set up a farm connection we’ll ask you to manually push any livestock events (dated after your Sync From Date) which will include the Opening Livestock Numbers that we’ve calculated for your farm as at the Sync From Date. Also, if your Opening Livestock Numbers are updated or need to be recalculated we will ask you to manually sync these Opening Numbers so that you confirm the change.

Click here for more information on how Opening Livestock Numbers are calculated.

Click here for more information on the Sync From Date.

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