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The first 5 things to do to set up your new account

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Welcome to NamasteLight! Follow these steps to set up your NEW account and start using NamasteLight:

  1. Sign in to your account here.

  2. Import your list of customers by either importing from a file or by syncing your MINDBODY account.

  3. Improve your campaign's chances of landing in the inbox by whitelisting NamasteLight as an authorized sender.

  4. Choose your template. From the NamasteLight home screen, click on "Create a New Mailing". Under "My Templates" you'll see NamasteLight's beautiful pre-built templates. Click on one to select it, then customize and send your first campaign.

  5. Add your signup form to your website and facebook page to start collecting emails

For more guides on how to set up and use NamasteLight's features click here.

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