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What's a Notification?

A notification is a message you send to a waiting guest.

As of now, NextMe only supports SMS text notifications. You can customize the content of these text notifications as you see fit.

Customizing Your Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Notifications page.

  2. Edit the content of your messages. You can use variables to send dynamic content in your messages. Type "@" to choose from a list of available variables and insert them into your messages. The following variables are available for use: {{businessName}}, {{locationName}}, {{queueName}}, {{vwrLink}}, {{waitTime}}, {{gracePeriod}}


    • Initial SMS Message - This is the message a guest receives when they join the wait to confirm they're in line. If you're using our Virtual Waiting Room feature, you need to explicitly include {{vwrLink}} in the body of the text to link your guests to the VWR.

    • Ready SMS Message - This is the message a guest receives when their service is ready. Guests can respond "1" or "9" to this message to cancel or confirm that they're coming back.

  3. Update your Grace Period. This is the amount of time a guest has to return to your business once they've been notified. This is only for your information and the guest will not be removed from the waitlist automatically.

  4. Click the Save button in the bottom right to save your changes.

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