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A history of release notes detailing the features and software improvements launched by the NextMe team.

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June 6, 2024

πŸ“ˆ Analytics Date Range and Load Time Improvements

We've optimized our Analytics page to greatly improve load times! Data should now load much quicker, even for our very high volume businesses. We've also added more convenient date range filters so that you can quickly scope your analytics by Today, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Month to Date, or any custom range you define.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where position in line was not always appearing on the waitlist cells

  • Fixed an error when saving certain user account fields

  • Improved the Public Waitlist experience for multi-location businesses

May 30, 2024

πŸ”Ž Waitlist Filtering

You can now filter your waitlist by guest status and custom fields, making it easier than ever to browse your waitlist by the criteria that matters to you. You can combine filters with search to drill down even further based on your unique needs. To try it out, click the new filter button in the waitlist header (conveniently located next to search and the history toggle). When filters are applied, the button will be blue. You can clear your filters at any time by hitting the "Reset" button in the filters dialog.

πŸ–₯️ Public Waitlist

Ever wanted to display your waitlist on a monitor so that guests can check their position in line relative to others? You're in luck! We've added support for a public waitlist display. When enabled, a unique URL link will be generated for your business that presents your waitlist in a simple and clean layout with minimal guest info: first name and last initial, position in line, and queue. Head to the new Public Waitlist settings page to give it a whirl. Your public waitlist link is mobile friendly can be used in your notification messages or embedded on your website in addition to displaying it on a screen. Waitlist data reloads every 10 seconds.

πŸ–Ή Dynamic Custom Fields

We've added support for you to dynamically edit a custom field on the waitlist. Instead of having to go to the edit guest panel to change a field value, you can instead edit the field directly on the waitlist cell and it will save automatically. An example use case would be adding a "Table Number" field for restaurants, which are typically assigned after the guest is already added to the waitlist. Being able to quickly add these on the fly makes for a more efficient workflow.
To try it out, head to your Custom Fields settings page and edit a field. You'll see a new toggle titled "Make Editable on Waitlist View". When enabled, this setting makes the custom field appear as editable on the waitlist cell.
Note, there are a few limitations on how you can use this feature at the moment that you should keep in mind if you're having trouble enabling the toggle:

  • This setting is only available for "Number Input" and "Short Text" custom field types at this time.

  • You can only make one field editable on the waitlist. This is to avoid cluttering the waitlist and we will be following up with interface changes to allow for multiple fields.

Other Changes

  • Added a confirmation dialog when changing the guest data policy to "Delete" or "Anonymize" to educate users on the impact these settings have on historical guest data

  • Improved the speed at which analytics data loads

  • Behind the scenes bug fixes and performance improvements

April 12, 2024

πŸ’¬ Follow Up Messages

We're excited to announce that you can now trigger a follow up message to your guests! Supercharge your guest workflow with our automated SMS follow up messages - collect reviews, offer discounts on future visits, market your socials, and much more.

  • To start sending follow up messages, simply add your message content in the designated area under Notification Settings. You'll need to be on our Business Plan or higher to use this feature.

  • Set a Follow Up Threshold to define when you want your follow up message sent. By default, this is 12 hours from the time they were added to the waitlist. Follow up messages will not be sent to your guests who cancel.

  • These messages will count towards your plan's allotted message limit. If at any time you want to stop using follow up messages, simply delete your message content and they will stop firing.

Other Changes

  • We increased the maximum geofence radius for Self Check-in to 20 miles

  • Behind the scenes bug fixes and performance improvements

March 18, 2024

🌎 International Messaging

We're happy to announce that you can now send SMS text notifications to guests with international numbers! Simply type in the country code or select from the convenient country flag dropdown to add an international number for a guest.

  • If you're a U.S. or Canadian business, it should be business as usual and no action is needed on your part.

  • Please note that while all international numbers can receive text messages, some countries limit the ability to send replies. Depending on country of origin, some guests may not be able to confirm or cancel service by replying "1" or "9".

Other Changes

  • A guest's position in line is now shown on the waitlist next to their queue name for convenient reference

  • Added support for U.K. addresses on business sign up

  • Made significant improvements to search performance and speed

  • Added the option for you to delete your user account or NextMe business as a whole without needing to reach out to support

  • Increased the maximum file size allowed for logo and VWR uploads. You can now upload images up to 5000 x 5000 px and 10GB

  • Increased the QR code resolution generated for your Self Check-in page

February 26, 2024

πŸ•’ Long Term Waitlist

We're excited to announce we now support longer wait times for businesses who need to manage queues of guests who may be waiting for days, weeks, months, or even years.
​To make this possible, we've introduced a new setting called Expiration Threshold that defines how long guests should remain visible on the waitlist before being cleared. This includes the history page.

  • The default setting is 1 day. This means all guests will clear from the waitlist on a rolling basis, 24 hours from the time they join.

  • A record of a guest's wait will still be available in reports and analytics after the expiration threshold is reached, however they will not appear on the waitlist in order to keep your waitlist focused and fresh.

If your business wants guests to appear in the waitlist for a longer or shorter period of time, you can now easily update this setting from 1 day to whatever time frame is appropriate. For example, if you're running a home service business, healthcare clinic or tattoo studio you might set this to 1 month to accommodate people who are waiting for a future service. If you're a high volume restaurant, you might set it to 12 hours so that past guests are cleared more frequently.

Guest Data Policies

We strive to be good stewards of data at NextMe and have launched a new privacy option to help businesses operate in compliance with internal or external privacy requirements (HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, etc). Your business can now set a Guest Data Policy that gives you control over the amount of data our platform stores about each guest. Your options are "Retain", "Anonymize" and "Delete". Learn more about each option by reading this article.

Other Changes

  • Updated our timestamps across the board so they automatically split into larger units (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years)

  • Expanded our "Estimated Wait Time" dropdown options to include time periods ranging up to 10 years

  • Added support for a "Time Input" custom field so businesses can capture formatted timestamps from guests (For example, departure time or appointment time)

  • Fixed a bug where setting a new wait time method could take up to four hours to reflect on the waitlist. New wait time methods now reflect immediately

  • Fixed a bug where Canadian zip codes weren't accepted on the sign up form

February 9, 2024

Queue Assignment Field

We've added support for a new custom field type called "Queue Assignment" that allows you to automatically assign a guest to a queue based on their field answer. This is particularly helpful for the restaurant industry to capture both party size while assigning guests to a table top size. We've made this field flexible so it can be used by other industries and customized based on the use case.

  • This field replaces the standard queue selector field when added and you won't be able to use both at the same time.

  • You are limited to adding one Queue Assignment field for your business.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where disabling waitlist hours was throwing an error on self check-in.

  • Added notes display to the waitlist. These will appear under the guest status:

January 11, 2024

Enable/Disable Waitlist Hours

We've added support for disabling waitlist hours if you'd like your self check-in page to be joinable at all times.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the 12:00 AM hour wasn't saving properly for waitlist hours

  • Cleaned up the cancellation flow to be more intuitive

December 21, 2023

Analytics Dashboard

Head to your Analytics page to check out your new dashboard. By default, the dashboard shows data from the past 7 days. This can be easily adjusted using the date filters at the top if you want to view data for the past month, year, etc. We'll be continuing to build useful metrics into this dashboard over time so stay tuned for future updates.

  • Performance Summary includes high level metrics about how your waitlist is performing.

  • Waitlist Metrics shows a breakdown of your metrics by queue.

  • Reports gives you the ability to download your data for further analysis.

Other Changes

  • Fixes to ensure the accuracy of wait time stats displayed beneath each queue

  • Improvements to our position in line logic

  • Entries are now cleared from the waitlist 24 hours after they were added, instead of the waitlist clearing at a set time each day. We'll be following up to allow you to customize this.

  • Bug fix to allow users to set any self check-in waitlist hours

  • Removed 5m minimum grace period requirement

November 21, 2023

Your grace period is how many minutes your waiting guests have to return to your business once they've been notified. By default, this is 5 minutes but it can be changed in your Notification Settings.

Add your grace period to your ready message

Head to Notification Settings and type @ to insert the grace period variable into the message. Note that the "minutes" unit is included by default. Your content should look something like, "Please check in within {{gracePeriod}}"

Display a grace period countdown on your Virtual Waiting Room

Once notified that their service is ready, guests will now see a countdown on your Virtual Waiting Room indicating how much time they have left to return. This will help remind guests to return in a timely fashion, increasing throughput and efficiency. This setting is enabled by default but can be turned off from your Virtual Waiting Room settings, simply toggle off "Display Grace Period Countdown"

Display your guests' estimated wait time on your Virtual Waiting Room

Show your guests what their original quoted wait time was along with the time they joined. This is not a countdown but a static display to prevent setting the wrong expectation if the wait is longer than originally estimated. This setting is disabled by default but can be turned on from your Virtual Waiting Room settings, simply toggle on "Display Estimated Wait Time"

Other Changes

  • Improvements to the adding and editing of queues

  • Support for additional account-related emails

  • Misc. bug fixes and quality of life updates

November 9, 2023

Time Zone and Timestamp Improvements to Analytics Reports

If you're using our Analytics tool to export reports, we've updated all of the timestamps to respect your specific Time Zone. In addition, we reformatted all timestamps to make them easier to parse and use with Google Sheets and Excel.

"Date" as a Custom Field

You can now add a date picker field to your intake and self check-in forms. This is particularly useful in capturing a guest's date of birth, document dates, or whatever data matters most to your business. Read more about Custom Fields to learn how to add a date field to your intake process.

Geofence Radius for Self Check-in

If you're using our powerful Self Check-in feature to let guests join the wait themselves, you can now set a custom geofence radius between 0.5 and 10 miles. Guests will only be able to join the wait when they are physically nearby your business. This can be useful in preventing no shows. As always, this is an optional setting that can be turned on or off to meet your needs.

Tip: You'll want to update your Location address(es) to make sure we have a valid address to use for geofencing.

Other Changes

  • Improvements to the accuracy of our wait time algorithms

  • Search performance optimizations (more to come)

  • Misc. bug fixes and quality of life updates

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