Virtual Waiting Room
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What's the Virtual Waiting Room?

The Virtual Waiting Room is a powerful customer engagement page that retains your guests while they wait.

Whether it's a menu of your goods and services, real-time promos you're offering, or required forms that need to be filled out – your guests will stay engaged while they're tracking their place in line on this page, in turn increasing your business' retention by upwards of 35%.

Enabling the Virtual Waiting Room

  1. Navigate to Settings, then to Virtual Waiting Room.

  2. Toggle on the 'Enable' button.

  3. If you have multiple locations, you can toggle on the 'Use Shared Settings' button in order to maintain the same configurations across all your locations.

    1. Note: for locations that have Shared Settings enabled, you can only make configurations within the Shared Settings page which you can select from the dropdown at the top.

  4. At any time, under Preview Your Virtual Waiting Room you can click Preview or copy/paste the link in a new tab on your browser to see exactly how the form will appear to your guests.

Note: you're able to choose whether your guests see estimated wait times that are calculated by each queue (select 'Queue'), or the estimated wait time for your entire aggregated waitlist at the location (select 'Location').

Customizing the Virtual Waiting Room

  1. Under Appearance, upload your business' logo file.

  2. If you would like to customize the Accent Color on your Virtual Waiting Room, you can do so by entering the corresponding hex value for your brand (hex colors will look something like this #A4A4A4, learn more about how to find the hex values you want here).

  3. You can also add your business' Website, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

  4. Now it's time to Design Your Page. Upload the marketing files that you want your guests to browse while they wait

  5. After uploading the files, you can add corresponding URL links where your guests can click to visit.

  6. In Additional Settings, you can select how your guests' position in line is calculated and whether they have the ability to see it.

Design Services: if you're interested in NextMe helping you to create fee-based design assets and marketing materials, please submit this Design Service Request Form and we will contact you asap.

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