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Membership questions (Basic, Premium, Refund)
Membership questions (Basic, Premium, Refund)

Learn about Novoresume subscription plan and how to request a refund.

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In this short article, we will tackle some important questions you might have while using Novoresume.

Premium or Basic?

At Novoresume, we do not offer trials.
You can instead test all of the Premium features in our editor and see how your resume could look like without needing to upgrade.

The only limitation is that you cannot download Premium documents as PDF without upgrading. Of course, you can also remove any premium features that you are using, and then you'll be able to download your resume using existing free features.
A list of Premium Features can be found on our pricing page and all premium features are marked with a white star on a blue background.

Want to remove the Premium features? Here is our guide to help you:

How does the subscription end?

As it is written on our pricing page, we do not have an automatic renewal system.
Your account will simply switch back to Basic (Free) once the Premium period ends, and we will not charge you again as we do not store any card details.
After the Premium expires, the account is automatically switched to Basic, meaning you will have access only to the Basic features. All the documents will be saved/stored for free, but you will be able only to edit the last saved resume since this is offered in the Basic account. Downloading documents that use Premium features is not possible in the Basic account.

How to request a refund?

Unfortunately, Novoresume's Premium account did not match your expectations and you wish to request a refund.

The 14 day Money Back Guarantee means that you are entitled to request a refund within the first 14 days after an upgrade if you are not satisfied with our Premium offerings. This is only available at the first upgrade.

Be aware that deleting your account does not trigger an automatic refund.

It is possible to request a refund by contacting us via "Support Chat" or via email at "". You can read the terms of use on our website in that regard.

We appreciate feedback, please share the reason for requesting your money back as it will help us improve the platform for our users, and maybe for the "future you". 🙂

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