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Bundles allow customers to buy groups of products in one click.ย 

A bundle can consist of items that are available individually elsewhere on the store, or items that are exclusive to the bundle.

Bundles can be set up so that the customer selects from a range of options for one or more of the bundle items. This might be clothing sizes or other product variants.

How to set up

You can add a bundle format to any existing product, or create a dedicated bundle product.

Add Bundle Format

When creating or editing a bundle format, setting a Description will override the format title 'Bundle'.

Add Item to Bundle

After creating the format, you can start adding items by clicking Add Item to Bundle.

Search for existing product formats to add to the bundle.

You can change the Quantity of each item that will be included in the bundle, if you want this to be more than one.

Drag and drop

You can allow the customer to select between multiple similar products by creating option groups. This is useful for grouping clothing size variants, colour variants, or special versions of the product. The options will be presented as buttons listed in a row each showing the option format name.

To create option groups, drag and drop bundle items and click Save Grouping.


Creating multiple bundles on one product will list the bundles as options, presented as buttons listed in a row.

Bundles are presumed to be sent in one package; if your bundle includes an item that cannot be sent with other items, such as a poster that needs to be sent in a tube, then please contact the operations team to ensure correct postage is charged.

Only one price can be set for a bundle, so if an option represents a different price, it should be set up as a separate bundle.

If you want the customer to select between two sets of variants (e.g. colour and size), you should set up separate bundles; one for each colour.

If the bundle contains inactive product formats it will not be purchasable. If you want to include an item that is not for sale individually, please contact us to assist with setup.

Auto-credit set on individual items will not automatically carry over to the bundle.

Bundles must include at least one physical format. This means that bundles like 'MP3 + Tickets' will not work. As a workaround, use Auto-credit.

Bundle items must all be available from the same warehouse. It is not possible to sell bundles where items are dispatched from multiple warehouses.

The bundle item accounted ratio represents how much of the bundle price will be allocated to each item when a sale is made. This is calculated from the individual price of the bundle item.


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