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Setting up auto-credit
Setting up auto-credit

How to automatically credit items to a customers order when they purchase something else. Autocredit.

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Auto-credit rules allow the automatic addition of an item to a customer's order when a particular product is purchased.

This is useful to

  • credit the digital version when a physical format has been purchased

  • to add a promo item

How to set up auto-credit

Product Format > Set Up Auto-credit

Select from other formats on the same product, or search for any other product format on your store.


  • Physical items that are auto-credited do not appear as ‘out of stock’ when stock runs out. This means customers will be able to purchase the product, but the shipment will be placed on hold until additional stock is added or the shipment is manually resubmitted.

  • Auto-credited items are added at zero value. This can have implications for accounting sales and international customs when shipping.

  • To set up a product where all items are stock-aware and have an accounted value, please create a bundle.

  • Auto-credit won’t automatically be back-credited to existing orders. Any orders that have already been placed will need additional items to be manually added.

  • Auto-credit won’t automatically apply to bundles containing this product format. To do this, auto-credit will need to be set up on the bundle format.

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