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Shipping Bandcamp Orders
Shipping Bandcamp Orders

A guide to help consider all points relating to sending out Bandcamp orders

Written by Matthew Baker
Updated over a week ago


Please ensure you have read and understood all of these points before you embark on selling goods with 3rd party fulfillment from our warehouse. You will need to be monitoring the emails you receive from Bandcamp and Ochre to stay abreast of any order and service updates and changes.


Instructions here to set up the API connection. This will mean that orders will be passed from Bandcamp to Whiplash.

Postage methods sold on Bandcamp need to match up with a method in Whiplash if they are specific; if there is no match, they will be sent at the cheapest rate.

Two webhook notifications are required to mark orders as shipped and to update inventory levels. These are “Order - Shipped” and “Item - Inventory Changed”.

SKU codes will need to match up for an order to be sent, you can import them from Bandcamp to Whiplash, or you can take the codes for existing products and add them to your Bandcamp formats.

Postage prices are set by yourself, you may want to factor in pick fees and packaging.


To make stock available before it arrives at the warehouse, please press “publish stock” on the Whiplash ship notice to pass the future stock level to Bandcamp.

When connected and with SKU codes matching, the inventory levels will show what is in the warehouse.

Important things to note

Bandcamp won’t automatically assign a warehouse when it passes an order to Whiplash, rules need to be created to ensure orders are sent from the correct warehouse.

Ochre does not provide any customer support on Bandcamp orders.

Only orders added via the import tool and API integration will mean that a webhook notification fires on dispatch of the order to update bandcamp, this will need to be done manually if not.

Bundles need to be set up manually in Whiplash. This is different to how they are handled in Ochre.

We will ship any orders for which there is stock, that isn’t a pre-order, and the street date is not in the future.

Bandcamp automatically passes a “time in transit” of 1 day for all orders. You can set up rules to increase this time. Otherwise this means all orders will be sent the day before the release (street) date.

You will need to check for duplicate SKUs, if a duplicate SKU is created, then it will have no stock on it, so orders won’t be sent until it is merged with the SKU with stock on it. You might want to consider automatically merging duplicate SKUs.

SKUs created in Whiplash from Bandcamp won’t have the HS tariff code required to ship orders internationally, they also won’t have a street date so orders can potentially be sent early. If shipping domestically in the US then to qualify for media mail; the box for eligibility needs to be ticked. All SKUs created in Ochre will have all this information inputted automatically. Any missing information will cause delays and disruption, please ensure if you are creating SKUs in Bandcamp that they are updated upon passing to Whiplash.

Chart reporting is handled by Bandcamp, Ochre won’t report any Bandcamp sales to charts.

For orders to the EU, if you are using Bandcamp’s IOSS services, you will need to add the Bandcamp IOSS number to your Whiplash account as a rule.

Ochre staff have no access to your Bandcamp store, nor the ability to edit, refund, or cancel orders and will never request access.

Adding Orders

Orders can be added to the system via the import tool, via CSV upload, manually created in the Whiplash app, or via the API automatically.

Editing Orders

Any orders cancelled or refunded in Bandcamp will need to be manually cancelled in Whiplash to ensure they are not sent. There are no exceptions. Address changes also need to happen manually before an order is batched.


Undelivered packages and customer returns will be received and matched up with the original order. Once processed items will be returned to general stock. We will not action any refunds for returned orders on your behalf. All returns will be booked in as "returned undeliverable" regardless of the reason.


In the event of any query, please don’t send us any customer data, just send links (not screengrabs or IDs please) to the relevant order or search query.

Please email in the first instance for all enquiries.

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