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Facebook event tracking
Facebook event tracking

Tracking customer behaviour using Facebook Pixel or Conversions API

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We allow two levels of tracking via Facebook:

  • Basic - Facebook Pixel

  • Advanced - Facebook Conversions API

Implementing either option will allow you to track the following events:

  • PageView

  • AddToCart

  • InitiateCheckout

  • AddPaymentInfo

  • Purchase

Basic integration

Add a Facebook Pixel

Adding a Pixel allows you to track customer events on your store.

Created a Pixel from Facebook Events Manager.

Further help can be found in Facebook's help documentation:

Note that browser-based ad blockers will stop tracking data from being collected with the basic integration.

Advanced integration

Doing an advanced integration with Facebook will allow you to track behaviour, even when browser-based ad blockers are being used. This is done by sending event data from our server to Facebook's server, rather than client-side as with the Pixel.

To do this you will need to use the Facebook Conversions API.

Note that you will still need to enter a Facebook Pixel ID on Ochre for the advanced integration to work.

How to implement the Facebook Conversions API

  1. Set up the Conversions API on Facebook Business Manager

  2. Generate an API access token via Facebook Events Manager

  3. Enter the API access token on your Ochre store

Help on how to get set up on Facebook can be found in their help documentation:

Enter the API access token on your Ochre store

Site Settings > Tracking and Analytics

In the Facebook Conversions API section, click Set Up API to enter the token provided by Facebook.


When an event is logged by both Pixel and the conversion API, we will send both to Facebook, where the events will be de-duplicated to ensure that each customer event is only stored once. In this case the Pixel event will be prioritised, so the server-side event will not appear in your dashboard.


Customers can opt out of tracking by unchecking the checkbox for Marketing and Advertising Cookies.

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