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Migrating to Google Analytics 4
Migrating to Google Analytics 4

Moving from Google Universal Analytics to GA4

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Google is sunsetting the previous version of Google Analytics, known as Universal Analytics. The existing "UA-" Property IDs will stop working on 1 July 2023.

We recommend migrating to Google Analytics 4 and adding the "G-" Measurement Code here as soon as possible so that you can start collecting analytics data from the earliest possible point.

Until 1 July 2023 you can run both versions in parallel with a Property set for each. We recommend that you do this (and do not delete your GUA Property ID immediately) so that you can view and compare both data sets until 1 July 2023.

Google's help documentation on migrating:


How to set up Google Analytics 4 on your store

Ochre > Site Settings > Tracking and Analytics

In the Google Analytics 4 section, click Add Measurement Code, then enter the Measurement Code provided by Google.

The Measurement Code will look like G-XXXXXXXXXX and can be found on your Google Analytics account under:

Admin > Account > GA4 Property > Data Streams > Web

You can repeat this process to enter multiple measurement codes to send data to different GA4 Properties.


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