What are scripts and how do they work?

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NOTE: You don't need to know the following information to be able to use scripts. For using scripts with videos, please read our guide here.


Scripts are simple text files containing movement information for the Handy. They are most commonly paired with videos to make the Handy synchronize with the action in the video.

Here's an example of a simple script, in CSV format:


0, 100
1000, 0
2000, 100
3000, 0
4000, 100

Each movement instruction is separated on a new line. The first number on each line represent the timestamp in milliseconds and the second number on each line represent the position for the sleeve, with 0 being the bottom position for the sleeve.

In this example, the sleeve will start at the top and do 2 full strokes over the course of 4 seconds.


Scripts come in multiple different formats.


Funscripts also contain timestamp and position values, but are written in JSON format, which is a format that is commonly used on the web.


"actions": [
{ "at": 0, "pos": 100 },
{ "at": 1000, "pos": 0 },
{ "at": 2000, "pos": 100 },
{ "at": 3000, "pos": 0 },
{ "at": 4000, "pos": 100 },


Comma Separated Values or CSV in short, is the standard format for scripts that Handy uses.


0, 100
1000, 0
2000, 100
3000, 0
4000, 100

The first line is reserved for meta data, such as author of the script, software used, etc. In this case, it's left blank.


Token scripts are also written in CSV format. However, these scripts does not contain movement information. Instead, they contain information that acts as a file path to the actual script data available on our servers.

When downloading scripts from, those scripts use this format.

How can I start scripting?

There are multiple ways to script but a good start point is to use our Handy Free Scripter, keep in mind that in mind that scripts created with this software are not for commercial use.

Keep in mind that development for this tool is not a priority for the team, while we are working on it, updates, fixes and new features may be slow.

As a general troubleshooting step, go to Settings, select Data and then Delete all data and refresh.

Some of the current features of the tool:

  • Multiple graphs

  • Cross-platform

  • No installation

  • Drag and drop

  • Neural network tracker

  • Computer vision tracker

  • Math functions

  • Push to a Handy device

Another option used by the community is to use FunScripter, this tool is currently in Beta and is both made and maintained by FunCoder in the Ero Scipts Community.

You can find more options as well in other communities like our Discord, Scripts Reddit and EroScripts.

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