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Synchronizing the Handy with videos
Synchronizing the Handy with videos

A Guide on synchronizing your device with video content

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The Handy can be synchronized with videos, replicating the movements that are on the screen.

This is enabled through the use of scripts, which are files that includes movement information for the Handy. A script is then paired with a video so that you can both see and feel the action.


If you already have a script and a video, you can use in order to play scripted videos.

NOTE: You need to connect the handy in order to be able to use this feature. Read more about it here.

To use the video player, click the select button for the video and browse your device for the video. Then click the select button for the script and select a script on your device.

It will take a moment to prepare the Handy.


Interactive Video Database or IVDB in short, is our official resource for scripts, containing scripts for 1000+ videos. You can find scripts for both free and premium content.

If you're not able to find what you're looking for, you also have the option to submit a video request and have our team of scripters create it for you and everyone else to enjoy.

Once you have found a video, you can click on the download script token button below the video.

Afterwards, you can use in order to play the downloaded script and video.

NOTE: The videos are hosted on sites that we don't own, so we can't provide instructions for downloading the videos.

Video partners

You can find more sites that are compatible with Handy on our video partners page:

Each site have their own way of connecting with the Handy. Some sites allow you to play the video directly on their own site while synchronizing with the handy, while other require you to download videos and scripts. So make sure that you read the instructions for each partner sites.

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