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Options for Local VR Video Players
Options for Local VR Video Players

Learn how to use the Handy with local VR content.

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This guide will introduce you to the best way to synchronize your Handy with local videos on a VR headset.

⚠️ You need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to be able to synchronize with VR videos.

We have partnered with multiple VR video apps to deliver high-quality integrations between the Handy and your local videos, here’s a list of methods you can use:


A powerful, feature rich, universal media player for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 3, and Oculus Quest Pro. It is available directly from the Meta Quest app store.

You can find a short guide about connecting to the Handy under the Interactive Synchronized Peripherals heading in the Pigasus FAQ.


HereSphere is a cutting edge VR video player that enhances the immersiveness and clarity of stereoscopic VR videos. The autofocus algorithm uses real-time depth estimation to adjust the projection for improved stereo image clarity and sense of scale.

It is available from the Steam store or as an APK from

HereSphere has a demo version available on if you want to test the app before buying.

In the user settings, input your Handy Connection Key and then enable the Synchronized Peripherals toggle. If the connection is successful, then you should see Connected next to the toggle. If you see “Firmware Update Required”, then you need to update the Handy firmware. If you see “Invalid Connection Key”, check your connection key and make sure the Handy is in Online Mode with access to the Internet.

The player will first look for FunScript files in the same directory as the video being played (including videos played over SMB). If no FunScript files are found, then the player will look in the fallback directory. The default fallback directory is the Interactive folder located on your Headset’s internal shared storage.

It may take several seconds for FunScript files to be downloaded to the Handy when a video is opened. If the script doesn’t seem to be playing or has sync issues, you can try reopening the file or refreshing the connection by hitting the reconnect icon next to the Synchronized Peripherals toggle. You can also toggle play/pause or seek to resync the video.

Deo VR and SLR

Using Deo VR, you can enter the SLR website and connect your Handy to the the app in the headset, allowing to watch both local content and SLR’s catalogue.

Here’s how to watch your local videos with your own scripts.

💡 A SLR account and/or subscription may be need to connect the Handy to the App.

  1. Download Deo VR and once installed you open the app.

  2. On the very top you can see an address bar much like a browser. Once there, type “” and you should now be in SLR’s system with videos on display.

  3. Find the Settings button, located at the very bottom on a control bar (the gear icon) and then select Haptics

  4. Type in your connection key.

  5. Once you connect the Handy, in the same control bar you can see a folder icon, click there and you are navigating the internal storage.

  6. Once you find the video, make sure that both the video and fun script file are the exact same name, otherwise the player won’t be able to find a script to play alongside the video.

  7. If the Handy is connected, on the same network as the Headset, you are ready to go!

Handy Local Video Player and VR

The Local Video Player on HandyFeeling has some limited capabilities of playing VR videos, but it is not optimized for it. We recommend exploring the Video Format settings in the Advanced Controls panel to get your VR video to display properly.

Using IVDB to download scripts

IVDB, or Interactive Video Database, is a website with a library of videos and scripts for you to use, you can find content that matches your favorite tags, performers and even specific sites and find a script that matches the video, be it premium content or not.

️ Keep in mind that while we offer the scripts, we can’t offer the videos for download, as such you will need to find your own way of downloading these videos.

Here is a step-by-step guide showcasing how to get the funscript files needed to synchronize the Handy with content.

  1. Go to and click on the menu (top left corner) and scroll down to the connection key option.

  2. Type in your Handy connection key. You won’t be able to download files if your Handy is not connected.

  3. If you’re looking for a specific video site from those available, use the Sites option from the main menu.

  4. Alternatively, you can find videos and their related scripts by navigating to the Videos section from the main menu. You can search by video title and filter by performers, tags or sites. For premium content (video or script) to be listed, make sure the “Premium videos” and “Premium scripts” options are checked.

  5. Click on a video you like to go to the video page and then click Download script token under the video.

    1. Alternatively, you can click the three dots to show additional options for downloading the video from the video list instead of going to each individual video page.

  6. You can watch flat videos on HandyFeeling or another video player of your choice or use one of the aforementioned players for VR content.


Always make sure your video file and script file have the same name, since most Handy-compatible video players will automatically detect the script file and send it to the Handy if it has the same name as the video. For example:

  1. [Video Name].mp4

  2. [Video Name].funscript

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