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Troubleshooting Rainbow or Red and White LED
Troubleshooting Rainbow or Red and White LED

Guide on a troubleshooting step for resolving a potential loose shaft connection error

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What does a Rainbow LED mean?

When the Handy displays a “Rainbow” of colors in the LED status indicator, this can indicate an update which is normal. But staying on this indicator for more than a few minutes either shows a firmware issue or a loose screw, in this guide we will walk through the steps of tightening the connector shaft screws to eliminate one of the possible diagnoses for this issue.

Keep in mind, to tighten the screw you will need a 2mm Hex Screwdriver.

What does a Red and White LED mean?

When the Handy displays a Red and White LED status indicator, this usually means that the device is calibrating. But if the LED stays on this for more than a few minutes then this can signify that the device can't fully calibrate.

What can I do?

Usually, these issues can signal a more complex problem so to further diagnose the issue it's necessary to perform some troubleshooting steps to eliminate possibilities.

Below we will see two tests you can do to help further diagnose what is happening to your device, one only applies to Red and White LED while the last test applies to both LED status.

Helping the Handy calibrate (Red and White LED)

For Red and White LED, you can try helping the device calibrate by doing the following steps:

  1. Turn off the device

  2. Move the arm to the top of the device

  3. Turn on the device

  4. If the steps above do not work, repeat the process but leave the arm in the middle instead of the top.

  5. If the steps above also do not works, repeat the process but leave the arm in the bottom of the device instead.

If this does not work, you can try the troubleshooting step below.

Tightening Internal Screws (Rainbow or Red and White LED)

1) Turn off your Handy and move the arm until you can see the two screw holes at the bottom of the shaft. The screw we want to tighten is the bottom one, circled in the image below.

2) Once it is accessible, using the 2 mm Hex Screwdriver, tighten the screw at the bottom.

3) After tightening the screw, remove the screwdriver and test the movement of the arm by manually moving it to ensure it still has upwards and downwards movement.

4) Now plug the device, it should try to calibrate itself and will initially show the Rainbow LED, but should go into a solid green Indicator once it reaches the bottom.

If doing these processes you were not able to solve the issue, please reach out using or the chat box on the bottom right with a video showcasing the issue, make sure to include the LED status indicator on the video and your Order Number as well.

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