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Free Shipping Policy
Free Shipping Policy
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Omnitype is excited to announce that all orders with a total value of $200 or more will qualify for free domestic shipping!

When Does this Free Shipping Offer Apply?

This offer applies to all orders placed after June 15th, 2023, and does not retroactively apply to orders placed prior to this date.

What Shipping Method Does Omnitype Use?

The shipping method used is at the discretion of Omnitype based on the address provided. A specific shipping method cannot be requested for free shipping.

Omnitype reserves the right combine orders if you have multiple outstanding orders and any include free shipping. If you need your orders to be shipped separately, you must pay for shipping on each order.

How Do I Know If My Order Qualifies for Free Shipping?

When you enter the checkout process for your order, the total cost of your items must be at least $200, after discounts, for you to be eligible for free domestic shipping. Please note, gift cards do not count towards qualifying for free shipping (however, gift cards can be used as payment on an order that already qualifies for free shipping) If your order does qualify for free shipping, you will see a free shipping option.

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