If you are already familiar with how to build emails with Onepage, you can also set up a custom sender to start sending emails from your company email.

To find a custom sender option, open up any email template you already have and look at the top part of the interface.

Then, click the "From" field to see an option to connect a custom email. Select an email-marketing software you want to use. We currently support Mailchimp, SendGrid, Mailjet, Sendinblue, and Mailgun. Please select the one you prefer.

Tip! To start sending from a custom email, you should verify your domain name with the software you choose. For more instructions on how to do this, search in their help center.

Once the verification is processed, get back to Onepage and set up your new email. Just like this :

— Sender is the email address that you send a message with (ex. nik@onepage.io)

— From is a title that will be shown in your recipient's inbox

— API key you have to create and copy from the software you use

If this is done, submit the new custom email data. Now you're able to select it from the list. Congratulations!

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