When launching a new subscription product, we recommend going through this checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered.

1.) Check Shipping Rates

Pretend like you're the customer shopping on your site, add a subscription product to the cart, and checkout. What shipping rates are appearing? If they look off, make sure to adjust them.

  • Shopify displays Shopify Shipping Rates and defaults to the cheapest option for subscription shipping by default

  • Shopify Shipping Profiles lets you specify shipping rates for specific products

  • Ongoing has advanced shipping controls in the app under Settings if you want to create specific shipping rates for products in a specific subscription group. This lets you offer free shipping or flat rate shipping on subscription products

  • Local delivery/pickup is not available on Shopify. Try our 2 workarounds to bypass this Shopify limitation

2.) Place a Test Order

By placing a test order, you can make sure that your checkout process and settings for order processing, inventory, shipping, email notifications, and taxes are all correct.

You aren't charged for a test order. You should place at least one test order during your store setup, or whenever you make changes to your payment settings.

You can place a test order by simulating a transaction through Shopify's Bogus Gateway, or if you're using Shopify Payments, then you can test your configuration by using Shopify Payments test mode.

You can also use a real payment provider, and then immediately cancel and refund the order.

You might be subject to fees from the payment processor that you use.

3. Know how the Customer Portal Works

One of the most beneficial aspects of subscriptions (besides the recurring revenue) is the self-serving nature.

Your customers can manage their subscriptions through the customer portal, so they don't need to email you to make changes.

Your subscription customers will gain instant access to the customer portal.

Learn how, by reading our 1 minute guide: How the Customer Portal Works.

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