After creating subject areas in jmc Office, it's time to make sure all graduation requirements are defined. Setting up graduation course requirements allows office users to ensure students are completing required coursework and meeting graduation requirements for a timely graduation. To edit graduation course requirements, attach courses from past years to subject areas based on different graduation years and set required credit amounts.

To get started editing graduation course requirements, log in to jmc Office at the building level and head to Grading > Credit Checker > Edit Graduation Credit Requirements.

Step One: Select the year from the "Transcript Year" drop-down list for which you want to find and add courses to the specified subject area.

Step Two: Select the graduating class using the "Graduation Year" drop-down list to edit requirements for a specific class of students.

Step Three: Select the subject area to which you want to add courses using the "Subject Area" drop-down list.

Step Four: Enter the total credits required for the specified subject area in the "Total Credits Required for this Subject Area" field.

Step Five: Enter total credits required for graduation in the "Total Credits Required for Graduation" field.

Step Six: Select a course(s) from the course list on the left to begin adding it to the currently selected subject area.

Helpful Tip: To select multiple courses to add at one time, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) / Command key (Mac) while clicking a course. Deselect a course from the list by holding down the Ctrl key (Windows) / Command key (Mac) while clicking the course.

Step Seven: Select whether to add the course(s) to the subject area in an existing group or to a new group using the group list in the center of the page.

Step Eight: Click the "Add To >>" button to add the selected course(s) to the selected group in the requirements list on the right.

A few helpful tips

  • Need to remove a course from the requirements list? No problem! Click the course you want to remove and then click the "<< Remove" button to take it out of the current subject area.

  • Use the "^^", "^", "v", or "vv" buttons to move selected courses in the requirements list to a new group at the top, up one group, down one group, or to a new group at the bottom.

Step Nine: Repeat steps one through eight until all of the courses for each graduation year are added to the subject areas.

Step Ten: Click the "Save All" button to save all changes made to the graduation course requirements.

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