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View jmc Teacher as an administrator
View jmc Teacher as an administrator

Log into jmc Teacher as a building administrator to help teachers troubleshoot grading errors, run various reports, and more!

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The Admin Dashboard in jmc Office allows users with administrator privileges to log into jmc Teacher on behalf of that teacher to view their grading information, seating charts, publish grades, view analytics on student performance, run reports, and more! No worries, teachers, the office cannot enter or edit your grades. This feature is simply meant to allow administrators to help when you are out of the classroom.

To access this feature, log into jmc Office and go to File > Admin Dashboard.

Step One: Click the "Teacher Gradebook Login" Quick Link on the far right side of the page to access the jmc Teacher login pop up.

Step Two: Select the teacher whose gradebook you want to view from the "Teacher" drop-down list.

Step Three: Click the "OK" button to log in and view the selected teacher's gradebook or the "Close" button to cancel logging in.

Helpful Tip: Here is a list of some of the handy things you can do while logged into a teacher's gradebook:

  • Bulk publish all assignments for this teacher at File > Publish

  • View and edit term grades per class at Edit > Course Grades

  • Send term grades to the office for report cards by using the Quick Link on the right side of the Edit > Course Grades page

  • View the classroom setup at Edit > Seating Charts

  • View (not edit) the teacher's gradebook assignment scores at Scores > Assignment Scores

  • View (not edit) the teacher's gradebook setup at Scores > Categories and Assignments

  • View (not edit) the teacher's CBG gradebook setup at Competency-Based Grading > Define Formative Assessments

  • View (not edit) the teacher's CBG gradebook assessments at Competency-Based Grading > Score Formative Assessments

  • View analytics on student performance at Competency-Based Grading > Reports > Formative Assessment Report

Step Four: Select another teacher using the "Switch Teacher" drop-down list on the right side of the page to log into a different teacher's gradebook.

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