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Monitoring students with the Admin Dashboard
Monitoring students with the Admin Dashboard

Administrators can keep a close eye on the overall culture and climate of their school by reviewing student data on the Admin Dashboard.

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The Admin Dashboard in jmc Office is the perfect tool for every busy administrator as it provides a high-level view of a student group's academic, attendance, and behavior information. Sort the admin dashboard to include the most valuable metrics to find students fitting specific criteria such as excessive absence, high discipline referral count, a high number of missing assignment scores, or low GPA.

To start exploring the Admin Dashboard, log in to jmc Office and head to File > Admin Dashboard.

Step One: Select the "Current Term" or "Year To Date" radio button to set the time frame for filtering student information.

  • Current Term: the current term only. For example, only total absences for Quarter 2.

  • Year To Date: the entire year from the first day of school through today. For example, total absences so far this school year.

Step Two: Select parameters to narrow the student view using the appropriate drop-down lists.

  • Grade: view all students or select a specific grade level

  • Student: view all students or select a small number of specific students "By Random"

  • Advisor: view students assigned to a specific advisor (homeroom teacher)

  • Teacher: view students in classes taught by a specific teacher

  • Activity: view students on a specific activity roster

Fun Fact: Based on your selected criteria, the students and their data will appear in the columns on the "Student" tab to giving you a high-level view of your student body.

Step Three: Click a column name in the "Student Tab" to sort the data in the order that fits your intention. The first click on the column will sort the data in ascending order, the second click will sort the data in descending order, and the third click will reset the list to its original order.

Helpful Tip: Click the “>” beside a student's name on the "Student" tab to reveal additional student information including a link to "Email All Teachers of This Student" or click the "i" icon to navigate directly to the "Student Scope" page.

Step Four: Click the Excel icon located above the columns to export your information to a CSV file.

Step Five: Click the "Student Settings" tab to choose the columns of student information to display on the "Student" tab.

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the appropriate student data checkbox(es) on the "Student Settings" tab to display data such as Class Rank, Advisor, and/or Cum GPA on the "Student" tab.

Step Seven: Click the “Update” button to set your student data choices and return to the "Student" tab to view them.

Step Eight: Click the "Building" tab to view high-level GPA, Attendance, Discipline and Lunch data for each grade level in the building.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Teacher Gradebook Login" link in the Quick Links section to access unpublished student grading information from a "read only" version of a teacher's gradebook.

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