Are you a brand new jmc office user? Perhaps a new secretary, guidance counselor, or principal has just joined your staff. One of the first things a jmc school is going to want to do is create unique login usernames, passwords, and office privileges for new office users so they can log in to jmc Office and get to work!

With your “jmc Administrator” username (JMCADMIN), log into jmc Office to create a new office user and grant them permission to specific modules. For these instructions, we will be working in jmc Office under File > Application Security.

Step One: Click the “User Privileges” tab to create an office user account.

Step Two: Select the building from the "School Building" drop-down list to create/edit users for a specific building.

Helpful Tip: If the permissions drop-down list for a specific module is disabled, the selected school building has not licensed the module.

Step Three: Click the "New User" button to create a new office user account, or select an existing username in the "Users" list box to edit privileges for an existing office user.

Step Four: Enter an email address, username, and password in the appropriate fields to create login credentials for the new office user.

Step Five: Select the appropriate permissions level from the respective drop-down lists in the permissions view.

  • "No access": prevents users from seeing the module in jmc Office

  • "Read Only": allows users to view information within the module

  • "Make Changes": allows users to view and edit information for the specific module

Step Six: Click the “Save” button to finish creating your new office user or click the “Revert” button to discard your changes.

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