Guidance counselors and office professionals need to be in control of student registration and schedules but students need input into the process to let the office know what courses they are interested in taking. jmc Office allows office professionals to decide when students are allowed to register for those courses online. Avoid a "first come, first served" registration situation by setting online registration dates and closing registration when the deadline comes, all from within jmc Office.

In jmc Office, go to File > Online Settings to adjust the registration settings.

Step One: Select the "Course Registration" tab to set parameters for allowing online course registration.

Step Two: Select a radio button from the registration box to set whether online registration is open or closed.

  • Registration Closed: registration is closed to student changes

  • Registration Open: registration is open and students can register for courses online

  • Registration Open Between: set the "from" and "to" dates to schedule when your registration window is open to student changes

Helpful Tip: To prevent students from signing up for additional classes or making unintended changes close registration when all online student course registration is finished for the school year.

Fun Fact: Office staff can still register/edit student schedules individually while online registration is closed to students, allowing office staff to tweak and finalize class schedules for the year.

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