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Open and close online course registration
Open and close online course registration

In jmc Office, adjust settings to allow students to register online for next year's classes.

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Online course registration settings let you control when students have access to online registration, allowing them more control over their educational choices and saving office pros hours of hand scheduling. In just a few steps, you can open online registration to allow students to sign up for their own electives, close registration to disable the feature in jmc Student or set a registration window to allow jmc to automatically open and close online registration for your students.

In jmc Office, go to File > Online Settings to adjust the registration settings.
โ€‹Step One: Click the "Course Registration" tab to begin adjusting online registration settings.

Step Two: Select a radio button from the registration box to choose one of the following registration settings:

  • Registration Closed: registration is closed to student changes

  • Registration Open: registration is open and students can register for courses online

  • Registration Open Between: set the "from" and "to" dates to schedule when your registration window is open to student changes

Helpful Tip: Close online registration to prevent students from making changes after schedules are set.

Fun Fact: Office staff can still register/edit student schedules individually while online registration is closed to students, allowing office staff to tweak and finalize class schedules for the year.

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