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Discover jmc's Grading module
Discover jmc's Grading module

The Grading module handles all aspects of grading, from grading scale setup to importing teacher grades to printing report cards.

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Located in jmc Office, the Grading module is home to features and reports for managing student grades and includes a graduation credit checker, standardized test scores, class ranks, honor rolls, and a variety of other tools and reports to monitor individual and student groups’ academic progress.

Our fully integrated Grading module allows teachers to maintain their assignments and grades in a full-featured gradebook, publish student progress to jmc Family to keep families up to date, and submit term grades to the office for report cards.

Log in to jmc Office and head to Grading to see all of the tools within the Grading module.


Whether you need to hand-edit an individual student's grades, import grades from jmc Teacher, or edit an entire class of students' grades, there is an option in the Entry menu to help.

  • Edit any grade given for any student in the building.

  • Import grades from jmc Teacher to view midterm grades, course grades, and standards and benchmarks results.

  • Enter a whole classroom of grades using a class list of students.


Find out who’s receiving D's, F's, or any other grade, to keep up with students who may need academic intervention. View, print, and export reports to share student progress with all involved.

  • Report Cards and Midterm Report Cards

  • Honor Roll and Class Rank

  • Grade Point Averages and Grade Distribution Report

  • Progress reports


Edit your school's grading scale or see the details of how a student's GPA was calculated.

  • Edit the grade values that work best for your school and allow grades to be part of cumulative GPA or graduation credit.

  • Enter teacher gradebook default grades and percentage cutoffs to provide teachers with your school's grading cutoffs.

  • Edit grading comments used by teachers for report cards.

  • Use the Show GPA feature to explain exactly how a student's GPA was calculated.


jmc Office has all the transcript tools you need, everything from building a transfer student's transcript to printing a transcript with student photo and extra curricular activities.

  • Create new course information for transfer students if the student has a course your school does not offer.

  • Edit student transcripts and change the course name, grade, credit earned, whether the course is included in the GPA, comments about the course, and any state-specific information.

  • Print, edit, export, and email student transcripts for a whole grade level or for one student at a time.

Test Scores

Maintain and report various standardized test scores in jmc. We'll even help you get ready for the testing season by exporting roster files for many of the most common assessments.

  • Edit and import test scores for students based on different score types and assessments.

  • Export roster files to prepare for testing season.

  • Import test results from files provided by the testing companies.

  • Indicate which standardized tests should be included on student transcripts.

Credit Checker

Use the Credit Checker utilities and reports to aid administrators when looking at graduation requirements. Those requirements may be defined for each graduation year, including requirements for specific subject areas as well as overall credit totals.

  • Run reports to highlight students who may not be on track for graduation for the target date based upon past and current course load.

  • Edit and print graduation credit requirements.

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