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Familiarizing yourself with elementary and middle school scheduling
Familiarizing yourself with elementary and middle school scheduling

Want to schedule your elementary and middle school students? jmc Office has all the tools you need to build complete schedules.

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Getting students scheduled into classes can traditionally be a time-consuming task. But with jmc Office, throw away the paper and pencil, toss aside those cluttered whiteboards and let jmc Office help you set up your elementary and middle school schedules. From creating courses to checking class sizes, the jmc scheduling tool has everything you need to create your very own elementary and middle school schedules.

Review existing and create any new courses

The Edit Course Data page helps you review current courses already in your database, update existing courses and add any new courses taught in your building so you have a complete set of courses.

Bulk Load students into courses quickly by assigning courses to groups of students

The Bulk Load Courses page is your tool to load students into all their classes in groups. Multiple courses can quickly be loaded to student groups by student Advisor (homeroom teacher), by grade level, or by random student.

Hand schedule individual students with unique schedule needs

For students with special schedule circumstances or unique schedules (such as a transfer student or a student that doesn't fit the traditional bulk load) use the Edit Schedules page to schedule individual students to get their schedule just right.

Schedule students into class sections of their assigned courses

The tool to get students assigned to the class sections of their courses is the Schedule Students page. This step in the process balances students across sections of a course to fit students into their courses and keeps class sizes even.

Verify the enrollment numbers in class sections

Finally, use the Course Data List to review the Course Schedule Info report to check that schedules are correct. Look at the course enrollment numbers to ensure they are accurate and that students are set with complete schedules.

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