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Finding available course numbers for elementary and middle school scheduling
Copying Student Schedules
Entering course start/end dates for Wisconsin students
Update Wisconsin Career and Technical Education course records for a student
Editing Student Schedules
Entering college grades/credit for a student
Import Wisconsin course data from prior year
Familiarizing yourself with elementary and middle school scheduling
Setting the flex schedule calendar in jmc Office
Six stages to creating a master schedule
Associating course data for Minnesota state reporting
Create flex schedule offerings in jmc Office
Withdraw a student from a course
Edit special circumstance course section data
Assign custom student course credit in the credit override
Bulk load students into courses by grade or advisor
Verify your elementary and middle school schedule
Run a student scheduling conflict analysis report
Run the "Scheduling Aid"
Bulk move or copy students from one course to another
Check student schedule conflicts
Bulk schedule students into sections
Schedule students by section
Understanding the Six Stages of the Master Schedule Building Process
Finalizing the scheduling process for elementary and middle school students
Locking schedules to prevent accidental changes
Individually schedule elementary and middle school students
Adding Courses for a Student
Print or email student schedules
Run a "Registration Check" report
Creating courses for elementary and middle school scheduling
Editing course sections
Enter special circumstance course data
Explore adding a new course
Editing Wisconsin section and course data
Create CTE course sections in Wisconsin
Print or view a course data list
Run a "Course Tally" report
Print a class load report
Set course permission for student registration
Print a class list in jmc Office
Import course data from prior year
Creating and editing courses
Create study hall lists in jmc Office
Explore the features of elementary and middle school scheduling