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Print or email Course Grades in jmc Office
Print or email Course Grades in jmc Office

At the end of the term Print or email course grades to get them sent to families.

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Now that the term has ended and teachers have submitted grades to the office, let's clearly communicate student performance with course grade report cards in jmc!

Easily print or email report cards from jmc Office and distribute them to your families with just a few clicks.

Once teachers have submitted grades to the office and office professionals have accepted them, go to Grading > Reports > Report Cards.

Step One: Select the term type from the "Term Type" drop-down list and specify a term by clicking the appropriate radio button to filter your report.

Step Two: Select a radio button from the "Select" box to identify which student report cards will be printed or emailed. Then, fill out the appropriate fields highlighted below.

  • By Sequential: range of student IDs in the "From" and "To" fields

  • By Random: individually selected students from a list of all active student.

  • By Grade: range of grade levels, for example: From: 6 To: 8

  • By Advisor: range of advisor by ID, for example: From: 1 To: 10

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the appropriate checkboxes to indicate the items you would like to include on the report card.

  • GPA: the cumulative ("Cum") GPA for the student's academic career, the GPA for the current term ("Term"), and/or the GPA for the year ("Year")

  • Grading: "Class Rank", "Honor Roll Result", and/or number of credits received toward graduation ("Grad Credit")

  • Attendance: split excused/unexcused attendance and tardies or include excused tardies

  • Other: the student's legal name, including Standards and Benchmark ("SnB") Instances and/or sort by primary contact

Step Four: Click the "Preview" button to view and enable emailing of the course grade report cards from jmc Office to families.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the "Email if Possible" checkbox to email your course grade report card to primary contacts.

Step Six: Enter an email message in the message box for display in the body of the email. Example: Please see attached form for 2nd quarter teacher changes.

Fun Fact: Add a little pizzazz to your message using the formatting tools. Font, weight, size, the sky's the limit. Even insert a link by using the globe icon.

Step Seven: Place a checkmark in the "Email Student" checkbox to email the course grade report card to the student.

Step Eight: Enter an email address in the "Reply to Address" field to receive a reply to your email.

Step Nine: Click the "Choose File" button to add a file from your computer as an email attachment.

Step Ten: Click the "Formatting" tab to further customize your report card.

  • Select a radio button next to the size option to adjust the vertical orientation of the printed report card.

  • Select the font size and spacing option used on the printed report card from the appropriate drop-down list.

  • Customize the labels of your Quarters, Semesters, Trimesters or Hexes by entering your preferred label in the appropriate field.

  • Click the "Defaults button to return to the recommended settings and/or click the "Update" button to save your formatting changes.

Step Eleven: Click the "Messages" tab to insert a custom message on the bottom of the report card for all grades or for selected grade levels.

  • Click the "Clear" button to remove all messages from all grade levels.

  • Place a checkmark next to the appropriate grade level option and enter a message in the field to add to the report card of the students of that grade level.

  • Click the "Update" button to save all changes to messages.

Step Twelve: Click the "Print" button to print and email the course grade report cards or the "Export" button to export them to a CSV file.

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