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Customize report card messages
Customize report card messages

jmc allows you to add grade-level specific custom messages to be included on report cards.

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jmc's report cards contain a wealth of information for both students and their families but maybe you want to include a message that is specific to each grade level in your school. Add a customized message in for any, or all, grade levels before you send your report cards to families to keep them informed of the latest news such as upcoming teacher conferences, an open house, or the release of the new jmc Family app.

Once teachers have submitted grades to the office and office professionals have accepted them, go to Grading > Reports > Report Cards.

Step One: Click the "Messages" tab to insert a custom message directly onto report cards.  

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the specific grade level checkbox under the "Print" column to include a custom message for the selected grade level.

Helpful Tip: Place a checkmark in the "All Grades" checkbox to include a custom message for all grade levels.

Step Three: Enter your custom message in the "Message" field.

Step Four: Click the "Update" button to save your message or the "Clear" button to remove all messages.

Fun Fact: This message will appear at the bottom of the report card for the designated grade level(s).

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